Botanicals by Design – Point of Difference – Kim Bagot-Hiller @ Australian National Botanical Gardens

The Australian National Botanical Gardens exhibition space focuses on botanical images. Right now it has a focused exhibition on plants drawn by Kim Bagot-Hiller. There are two styles in the images. One style of works are delicate light stroked pale rendered drawing of plants.The other works are striking two tone linocuts with a dominant green colour.

Pics are below with gallery material.

En El Moment : In the Moment – Painting with Parkinson’s Group @ Belconnen Arts Centre

8-30 April -2017

Collaborations in art are often rich. That fact is demonstrated in a beautiful set of works by the Painting with Parkinson’s Group currently on display at the Belconnen Arts Centre. The bulk of the works are abstract works in watercolour on almost blotting paper type of surfaces. Many of those works are intriguing and point in beautiful ways to various types of landscapes and other subject material.

The collaboration is with the Calligraphers. They have taken a few dozen of the paintings and added apposite quotes to compliment the artwork in gorgeously adapted calligraphy to produce another type of artwork. For these works there is a published book available in the gallery that has each of these works reproduced. It is delightful.

Pics and gallery material is below.

Woman in a wash basket – Vee Malnar @ Belconnen Arts Centre

8-30 April 2017

Some artists radiate a sense of humour through their art. Vee Malnar is a very funny person and her art had me happy in a sympathetic way as I digested her fun work. Domestic complexity is at the heart of Malnar’s work. She portrays women in domestic places doing a mix of juggling tasks. I have included just a few of them that truly touched me with a sense of familiarity and of fun.

Pics and gallery material was below.

Changing Tides: Waters of the Past – Tracey Benson @ Belconnen Arts Centre

8-30 April 2017

Tracey Benson has a starkly beautiful set of photos on display at Belconnen Arts Centre. They are of forbidding landscapes with connections to runes and a deep Nordic heritage. In the gallery there are also a set of artifacts to connect with the photos. Below are some pics and gallery material to give a sense of the exhibition

10 Years of Collecting @ ANU Drill Hall Gallery

21 April – 28 May 2017

There is an extraordinary collection of works on display at the Drill Hall Gallery for the next month. It is a curation of works bought into the ANU collection over the last ten years. The dominant style is abstract but the range is fabulous  There are lots of artists represented and they are listed on the gallery sheet attached.

There are sample pics below.

8 Paintings Yanni Pounartzis @ M16 Artspace

2 – 19 March 2017

The web page for this began In 8 Paintings Pounartzis’ continues on his project of “the creation of mystery through illusionary forms”. This series sees Pounartzis deviate from his previous works which focused on a series hovering planes to shapes which actually penetrate the canvas.

These paintings were geometric with with planes of single colour intersecting while heading to different horizons.A couple of pics below give the sense of the show.


Erica Seccombe – The Lady Botanist @ Megalo Studio ad Gallery

= The intersection with high tech science and art often reveals extraordinary artistry and creativity embedded in the creation that goes unseen. This exhibition is the product of time spent by Erica Seccombe at the Natural History Museum in London. Working with an artist;s best friend X-ray Micro Computed Tomography whe has generated a set of hauntingly beautiful images of natural objects seen through high end imaging and printed on flat black or blue backgrounds. The ghost like beings seem to float on the image and challenge the viewer to make sense of the image or imagine what the fleshed out creature would look like.

Images and gallery material below