Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize 2013 @ National Archives Canberra

My favourite art show in Canberra every year is the Waterhouse. The show is the best of the finalists and all the prize winners in each category. It is held in the delightful little gallery space at the National Archives of Australia. Every year the artists create extraordinary celebrations of our natural world using a wide variety of media and styles..

The overall winner this year is a delicate shawl created out of paper and other natural elements. It is beautiful but not my favourite. So many beautiful items to choose from. Entrapercevoir by Stephanie Jane Rampton was a remarkable set of over sixty small panels in black and white portraying some gorgeous little bits of natural landscape. Gladdy Kemare Anwerkety (Bush Plum) is one of those magnetic indigenous paintings that draws you do it and in me evokes a strong desire to run my hands over it. There is a wonderful textural look about it and a rich earthy set of colours.

David Atkins thrilled my wife with his Flat screen Icon. He has created a painting of a rare marine creature in its in environment using raised gold paint on the bases of a collection of empty sardine tins.  It has a wonderful layered way of engaging us as the consumer.

One that really got to me was the Passing I and II by Senye Shen. It is a set of high energy waves done in white thread on green background. In so much of nature both in earthquakes and ocean waves there is a flow of energy that looks like these two images.

If there is any chance you can get into this make the effort.  all the works are on the website below but nothing gives you the idea of these great works like being in the room with them


2 thoughts on “Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize 2013 @ National Archives Canberra

  1. Hi there Stephen, thanks so much for your review of the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize! It is our pleasure to host the top works from this each year and is truly one of our favourites too! – Tara Nichols, National Archives of Australia

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