Sidney Nolan – Remembrances of my youth @ Canberra Museum and Gallery

On every criteria I see better craftsmanship and creativity every day on the fences in my suburb than these outings from Sidney Nolan on display at the Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG). The exhibition titled Sidney Nolan Remembrances of my youth is a set of say a dozen works done with spray cans on fairly large canvasses. It could be that this was it seems his experiments in the art and that some of the taggers today are highly skilled and work in a very highly developed and competitive field.
The thing I am most grateful for CMAG in putting this on s the expanded sense of Nolan’s work it gives. I walked through this surprised that he had used this medium in his career. The stylistic elements of his approach were there and the means of expressing them were different.
When I checked the CMAG website this morning this exhibition did not have a page so I have attached a few pics to give you a sense of it.DSCF6278


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