Milk factory gallery @ Bowral


We went to Sutton Forest for a family Christmas get together. Taking advantage of that location I finally was able to visit and spend an hour in the amazing Milk Factory Gallery.  Wow is it a treat to walk through. They obviously represent lots of artists and so there is a huge range of styles on the walls and on pedestals. The exhibition spaces are all timber on several levels interconnected though various staircases illuminated with lots of natural light.

Some of the artists we are familiar with through other exhibitions. but there were lots of fascinating works and artists that were new to me In talking to the store manager about it all she made me aware of their website and it is gold. It has pictures of the gallery spaces and best of all it has active links for maybe 50 artists that take you to abundant representative images.

It seems pointless with access to all the images on the website to put many here but I just had to put this one on as we visited on Christmas Eve.

Their website is below

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