Megalo Rocks @ Megalo Print Workshop and Gallery

the most exciting new addition to my gallery trail in the last year was the new Megalo Print Workshop and Gallery at Kingston. The Gallery is an open white walled space. The content it seemingly produced in house by local creators. In the months since they opened in their new space the range of print production has been a constant delight that I visit with an eager joy.
There is something special about galleries where the staff contribute and each time I visit Megalo the counter is staffed by people who are involved and their eagerness for their craft is great. I was not confident if the new exhibition season had started when I got out of the car outside. three young people were walking past so I asked them if the exhibition was open they all eagerly said yes and one followed up with “It is great” and “I even bought a print”
The set is titled Megalo Rocks and includes the work of 11 artists Subjects range through styles and subjects and I enjoyed the work greatly.
There is a gallery part to their website but every time I click that link my browser friezes and I have to restart the computer.
(That part of town is rich with galleries Huw Davies M16 Glass works are ones we visit often but there are heaps more.



Garden of the East – photography in Indonesia 1850s–1940s @ National Gallery of Australia

Asian neighbours, black and white historical photos, cultural representation are a few of the delights of the latest exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia. Titled as Garden of the East – photography in Indonesia 1850s–1940s it hangs on the wall around 200 historical pictures representing the cultures, peoples and landscapes of Indonesia. After an hour we were ready to go home, tired from a concentrated engagement with a dense walk through nearly 100 years of visual representation of history.
Below I have attached some images from Google to give you a sense of this display. I think the NGA is doing great things in its embrace of the art and history of our region. This exhibition portrays religion, art, architecture the natural world, and the buildings of the country. The insight it gave to the era is charming and the text attached makes clear the role of cultural point of view and market orientation of the photographers who are mainly male and European.
It is a delight. At the bottom of the page is the link to te NGA page for the exhibition with some great text to explain the curation.
Kassim Cephas
kasim Cephas pic
Woodbury and page
woodbury and page image
Andre Roosevelt
roosevelt pic from bali
Thilly Weissenborn
Thilly Weissenberg

Clarity – Shirley Hersch @ Canberra Glassworks

The round part of the gallery at the Canberra Glassworks is occupied by a mobile made up of hanging snow like crystal shapes. There are other works of great delicacy in glass cases in the foyer to give us the viewers a close up well lit view of the detail of her craft. The frosted nature of Hersch’s work almost makes the viewer feel cold.
Have a look at a couple of the pics and the gallery sheet below.





Observations – Christine Cholewa @ Canberra Glassworks

I was first introduced to the awesome power of glass as an art medium by the Chihuly exhibition at the NGA in the 90s. The range and scope of creativity in the medium of glass is exciting and limitless. Christine Cholewa is a skillful and wide ranging worker in glass. Her exhibition at the Canberra Glassworks includes etching on black glass panels and small creations in varied coloured panels. She has some striking big works featuring unlikely objects such as milk crates.
Glass never works on film even with good equipment but here are some basic snaps.






Region of Being – Brian Hincksman, David Keany, David Kim @ M16 Artspace

Region of being is an exhibition featuring the abstract work of three artists – Brian Hinksman, David Kenny and David Kim. Most abstact art does not engage me at any deep level. These three artists have produced some colourful and interesting looking panels. David Kim is characterised by explosions of cheerful colours (first below) David Keany has a fairly stormy palette of colour.(second below) I have included a representative sample of Hinksman also below. If abstract is one of your enthusiasms these three are worth a look.



Wind Winder and Other Loners – PicPoc @ M16 Artspace

What it is about some art that gets me more than others often seems a mystery. I immediately engaged with Picpoc’s work from the introductory works. This set centres around that human experience of low visibility due to weather. The paint is put on to create the high energy world of wind and rain reducing the definition and distinction of cheerful colours when light is better.. I loved the sense of humans battling against the elements both to move and see. Near the end there are a few of motorcyclists out in bad weather. I worked on a motorbike in all seasons for a period and the way PicPoc nailed that experience excited me. The artist was at the gallery and it is always a treat to be able to tell an artist face to face how much you line their work and why.
Samples below



Myanmar – Aart Groothius @ Huw Davies Gallery

Photographs often have a magic. This set has as its subject the newly opening country Myanmar. My daughter lived in the mountains near the Chinese border for nearly a year so we feel a special affinity with the land. The photos do a great job of portraying a mix of people, place and activity.
I am not a photographer but having seen heaps over the years I love watching composition – this guy does it beautifully.
Two examples are two children looking out a gap in an old building. The children were young, fresh, exuberant and the building was intensely carved dried out and was wearing its age very visibly. The other one that was most remarkable featured a fisherman balanced on the end of a boat with a hand held net that gleamed in the son while the man’s body facing the camera was in complete darkness – truly beautiful.
I did not get any pics but the website has a great PDF as below

Nature’s rhythm – Christine Atkins @ Craft ACT

Who would have thought the arrangement of old timber fence palings and bits of square or oblong flat rusted steel would create striking beauty. Christine Atkins has done it. Well selected for their grain and their weathered look old palings on a wall can be objects of surprising beauty. I was surprised by how happy these works made me feel.
I did not get any pictures of these works but have included the publicity shot of one of the steel squares and the gallery sheets.




Emerging contemporaries @ Craft ACT

The variety of styles and types of objects in a current exhibition at the Craft ACT Gallery is a delight to the eyes. It is an collection featuring the work of recent graduates from centres of art training in Canberra and beyond. There is delightful metal jewellery, there are try on fashion accessories, there are some delightful works in wood including a crafted ukelele and matching wall rack. Some stand out items are the pair of “artillery speakers” embedded in concrete supported on metal tubing legs. These types of exhibitions are fun to work through because of their range and frequently highly innovative content.
Artists involved are all tagged.




Sample pics and gallery sheet below

Victor Greenaway – white earth, black earth @ Beagver Galleries

A newly opened exhibition of gorgeous simple porcelain objects is on at the Beaver Galleries. Victor Greenaway has created delicate classical looking bowls, tea pots and other useful items in either gleaming white with minimal decoration or a pewter like plain black useful objects. The items, the textures and the decoration are tastefully combined.
I have included some pics to give you a sense of the work.