The Rural Series Ray Mc Jannett @ Belconnen Arts Centre

This guy is apparently a museum trained photographer and it shows. His ability to nail old properties with a sense of history makes each of his pictures enjoyable to explore. All but one of the shots were of old buildings in this region. There were inside and outside shots, colour and black and white and all of them had an awareness of light and reflection. Shearer’s quarters, a woman at a table, an empty blue room and a room with a glass crockery cabinet in which the rural yard was reflected from around the corner in the room through a window all demonstrated the expertese of this great chronicle of our past. Nothing better than a well taken set of photographs.
Below is the gallery sheet. The exhibition was in that open space at Belconnen in which the reflections were so strong in the glass that I could not get any shots on my phone. The one on the cover is mis-chosen as it was the only non built one in the set.


Urban Weavings @ Belconnen Arts Centre

The artists are John Garrett, Ann McMahon, Gabrielle Powell, Jane Whitten
There is a fun exhibition at the Belconnen Arts Centre right now. A collection of crafty types have a set of wonderful artworks created out of urban materials such a plastic bags, electrical wiring, and other plastics used in every day life.
The time I was there two of the artists were present to talk me through their work. The scale and creativity of these artworks is remarkable. There are delicate threaded creations as well as large semi abstract life forms that are almost waist height.
It is marvelous to see the recreation done by these crafts people.Below is the gallery sheet. I did not take any photos.Image




Jacqui Malins Fossilised Water and Petrified Air @ Belconnen Arts Centre

This is a remarkably beautiful exhibition. It consists of mainly charcoal, acrylic and pastel work on canvas or paper and gorgeous, pottery, ceramic stoneware, The whole exhibition is inspired by the ancient rugged landscape of the Kimberley Ranges in Western Australia.
Her sense of the colour and texture of the area is delightful. The drawings are large and rough looking. The pottery cries out “touch me!” because of its rocky layered landscape look. As an artist Ms Malins has done a marvelous job of bringing that environment into the gallery.





Philip Wolfhagen – Illumination @ Drill Hall Gallery

Some people really get landscape in a huge way. This bloke has that remarkable sense of the untamed nature of what is in front of him and has the skill to put it on canvas brilliantly. I loved nearly every part of this exhibition. There is a huge pair of panels of the ocean from above, There are some wonderful large panels that get that powerful transition from land, sea and sky. In the back room there are some exciting representations of the grand night landscapes punctuated with small glowing human presences in the darkness. I am not going to ramble on more but I have been to this twice already and may go back again. The sad thing is I had never heard of this amazing Tasmanian painter till they put this on. I am thankful to the ANU for their great program at this gallery.
Below are some phone pics and the gallery sheet.


Nicci Hayes Body Language @ Megalo Print Studio and Gallery




The current exhibition of Nicci Haynes’ work at Megalo is fascinating. She has created a video of her moving gymnastically wearing clothes on which have been printed various stories. Her art work includes the video, some single prints in which her movement is combined with kitchen utensils in place of her face an other representations of responses to her body speaking through prints.
Below is the gallery sheet with prices.





The Tree (A group exhibition) @ Canberra Glassworks

Glass is one of the most fascinating area of creativity to me. This exhibition curated by Claire Belfrage and coordinated by Ruth White includes a wide range of what is possible in contemporary glass technique. There is a small selection of pics below with the gallery sheet with prices (Pictures even with high end cameras never do real justice to glass in my view.)
One of my favourites were Holly Grace’s work called Smoke. It is transparent glass, etched with tree and branches The lighting and the separation from the wall makes the wal look like it has a charcoal etching on it. Another by Alana Corr is the blue one below – simply deightful. The third one below by Emilie Patterson called Pause was a favourite of mine but my wife did not like it. The hanging stuff are small glass jars storing rolled up leaves of various types and hues.
I love this whole set.

The artists are Christine Atkins, Alana Corr, Alexandra Frasersmith, Claire Belrage, Matt Curtis, Holly Grace, Erin Conron, Tim Edwards, Jacqueline Gropp, Sui Jackson, Suzanne Peck, Yusuke Takemura, Tom Moore, Kristie Rea, Bridget Thomas, Laurie Young Christine Arnold, Luna Ryan, Belinda Toll, Emilie Patteson Ben Sewell, Meinda Willis


Graham Fransella Figure and Landscape @ Beaver Galleries

The exhibtion of Fransella’s work at the Beaver Galleries right now is bright, colourful and stiking. The works are figurative representations of either a single figure in various contexts or grand landscapes. I enjoyed the development in his figures and I have included below a picture of River Track and the flyer and gallery sheet with prices.


Avital Sheffer – Edge of memory @ Beaver Galleries

For someone who has grown up in a recent city in the era of plastic and mass production this artist inspires me. Each of these ceramics has an almost ancient look about it. Avital Sheffer is using her art to explore her Middle Eastern and Jewish Heritage and it is very convincing to me. The earthenware creations are beautifully curved with a charming surface decoration with lines and almost window-like inserts to some. The most fascinating element to me is the decoration of parts of the outside with script. The writing is in some different Middle Eastern calligraphic styled writing. I would love to know what is said. I have included below some pics of whole pots and the detailing and the flyer and gallery sheets with prices.







Remindlessness Sara Freeman and Peter Jordan @ M16 Artspace

Peter Jordan has an almost elfin like look in some of his work. The nature based ones are vital and moving with rich colours giving warmth to everything. Sue Freeman has a sense of the power of fog and blurriness in her work. Below is a painting titled Wave and standing in front of it, it is almost alive with motion, not a sense you get from my pic.








Essence of Place – Shunyam Smith @ M16 Artspace

Tapestry is a remarkable art to me. There are great skills involved in its production even in simple designs. This artist Shunyam Smith has created a set of strikingly beautiful visions of the landscape that represent it with great evocative colour and movement. I love touching texture. Wife is guardian of art works on behalf of artists so anytime we get near texture “Remember don’t touch!” is stated firmly in my ear. That happened in front of Smith’s work. Attached are a few pics. Loved her work.