The Hannah Cabinet @ The Bungendore Woodworks Gallery




Occasionally we go out to the Bungendore Woodworks Gallery to see their art exhibitions and drool over the extraordinary products out of wood that they sell. It is always a treat. This visit we saw something that was truly designed to take your breath away. I have included the link in which they have a moving version in which the cupboards and drawers open and close.

The object on display is what is called the Hannah Cabinet.  It is a piece of furniture that was created by Geoff Hannah after a Churchill Fellowship exploration of Europe with a focus on traditional historical furniture design and creation.

Have a look at the link and if you can get to the gallery. This object will still have people admiring it if it is still around in 500 years.

A youtube clip


Trya Award and Exhibition 2014 @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre.

There is an exhibition in the enclosed room at the Tuggerenong Arts Centre of past winners of the Tuggerenong Rotary Youth Art prize. It is put on in anticipation of the 2014 award which is open to artists under 25 right now. The award is open at present. Apply at the Centre.

There are several deeply moving creations on the walls from past winners. I have included several examples below.with a flyer also.




The Poetic Lens @ M16 Artspace

This recent exhibition focuses on photography. The styles and variety is huge even within the artists themselves. Blaide Lallemand was in the gallery when we went through and it was delightful to have her talk us through the experiences that led to the production of the various prints. The bulk of this set were generated when she was working in New York City. Her photographs are beautifully constructed around the geometry and clutteredness of a large city. Some of the pics are taken through fog to give a mysterious look to many shots. Some of the photographers have gone abstract and others are realism focused

The other artists have worked through abstract and stylised creations and I have included a sample of their pics and the gallery sheet. The photographers in the exhibition are Caroline Huf, Ellis Hutch, Blaide Lallemand, Genevieve Swifte



Feathery things @ Bungendore Woodworks Gallery

Six artists have cooperated to produce a set of works that focus on birds in the current exhibition at the Bungendore Woodworks Gallery. Just because they are all painting or drawing birds does not mean they are all the same. Some deal with close up almost bird face shots. Others specialise with groups. There are pictures that embed the birds in bush settings, other show the birds in urban situations. The artists have cooperated to create a wide-ranging set of bird paintings that we found very engaging.

The artists are Joanne Barby, Jan Barnett, Wayne Byard, Helen Fitzgerald, James Luck and Janet Matthews.


Warped and Twisted at Queanbeyan Arts Centre Gallery




The Annual Exhibition and Sale of member’s work from the Canberra Spinners and Weavers was on at the Q last weekend. For someone like me who does not do craft things it is pretty exciting to see a vast collection of clothes and other fabrics that are produced by spinners and weavers. Having it on during an overcast cold May day made is even better because most of what has been made and was on display was very warm looking.

Creative and talented spinners and weavers create delicate and robust fabrcs. These artists create clothing that looks strong and durable or fragile and translucent. The range of items and their styles was huge. Colours were predominantly earthy and natural – overall it was a warm and very tactile set of creations.

Below is a brochure.

Conrucopian Bounty – Ying Zhang at Belconnen Arts Centre


In the open gallery at Belconnen Arts Centre there is a politically engaging exhibition of consumerism and contemporary society. Ying Zhang is a young artist born and raised in China who now lives in Australia. Each work in the exhibition has a statement about our modern world. There are some almost Anne Geddes type things but with less charm. A plump newborn baby sleeping in either the whipped cream on a cup cake of slipping down the icing on the inside ring of a doughnut. Other elements have distinctive corporate container shapes painted white and redecorated with the branding of other familiar corporate logos.. The third element is a set of unusual larger canvasses that take something familiar and weave a confronting element to make a point. For example there is a purfume bottle with the foetus of a rabbit inside it. It is a great exhibition and below there is a brochure and a few snaps.



Disquiet @ ANCA Gallery


There is a striking variety about the work of the four artists in the Disquiet exhibition at the ANCA Gallery in Dickson. Amanda Davies, Sarah Galletta, Emidio Puglielli and Mark Rose each have several works and all the artists have a distinct approaches. Sarah Gallietta’s set is stark high contrast black and white photographs. On the sheet below hers it the leg on shadow and wall.

Mark Rose has created a set of non coloured fantasy pictures weaving clouds people and other objects. Emidio Puglielli is another black and white fan but combines photographs with other unusual elements. The final contributor to this set is Amanda Davies. This set focuses on a woman in a yellow dress with a feral animal mask and blood red forearms and hands. The overall impression is a trifle alarming but at the same time engaging.

Attached are the brochure gallery sheet and some sample pics.