Creative License @ Craft ACT

Imagine getting a diverse group of artists together and saying “We have a big pile of number plates from the Centenary of Canberra celebration”. “Guess what!” “We want you all to go and create great artworks all from these.” “THey did that!” and the artists have come through in a wonderful exhibition at the CraftACT gallery in Civic.
I walked in at a time when three of the artists were speaking about their work and so that was fun. I even got permission to take some pics of their work from the actual artists.
The first artist was Sam Cameron with his C100 Line Runner. It was a layered powerful looking remote racing car like device that has a flat Hexagonal tray on which to operate. On the tray is a map of Canberra around the CBD with London circuit done in Black. The racer made out of beautifully engineered number plate sections turns based on how its sensors pick up and respond to the black of London Circuit. Fun, beautiful and inventive.
Elizabeth Kelly with Stomachion after the Archemedies Palimpses was next. At first glance I thought this was an attractive geometric artwork with a collection of colours and surfaces in the metals including number plates. Then Elizabeth let us play with it. All the bits are on nylon boards and magnetised so you can move them around and make new shapes. Again this was a playful and yet serious piece of artistic invention. Great to look at and engaging to play with.
Ximeno Briceno went for An Uncu for a Wari Princess to use her number plates. She told us a great story about how she engaged people of her heritage in South America in producing the cloth and in forming the number plate discs including a near brush with quarantine in bringing her beautiful garment to the exhibition.
These three are part of a delightful collection of objects on display – each with a unique take and each with a radiant creativity about it.
Pics and gallery sheet below:








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