Port Moresby – Second Contact – Sean Davey @ Huw Davies Gallery Photoaccess

Some sets of photographs make a point in black and white that would not work in colour. Sean Davey has done that in his current exhibition on Port Moresby at Huw Davies Gallery at Manuka. All the pictures I have seen of Port Moresby over the years have been dominated by the lush green tropical vegetation. These pictures are all in black and white and they portray a city that looks depressed decaying and lacking in the vitality of most cities. The starkness of the pictures portray a bleak description of this city.

Such a great story told through a set of pics that are both modern and antique.20150502_120516 20150502_120537 20150502_120540 20150502_121046 20150502_121051 20150502_121058

IMAG0009 IMAG0010 IMAG0011 IMAG0012

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