Smash – Verney Burness with James Allen @ M16 Artspace


Video art is often a challenge. How engaging is it? How long will it go on? What do we make of it? This exhibition called smash is a great success for me. Two works are in the gallery – Sweep and Smash. Sweep is a grand cosmic vision that takes in the universe and long time spans. Smash is a work in which objects of various sizes and styles are smashed down on on a black plastic covered hard surface. It is a fascinating experience to be watching these two works on 90 degree angled screens. Brain is doing lots of stuff watching such different experiences in close proximity.

Have a look at the page at M16 to see the image of Sweep. No images as my movies do not load well on WordPress.

Shifting Senses @ M16 Artspace

Eight artists have collaborated in an exhibition largely of three dimensional creations at the M16 Artspace titled Shifting Senses. There are only ten works and each of them occupy well spaced areas in the exhibition space. One is a cross of crossed bandaids. Another is a great beautiful ribcage. There are collections of pottery and breathing masks are the media used by one artist. It is an engaging collection of mascinating works. Below is the gallery sheet and some pics and the catalogue is available via







Build up @ Megalo Studio and Gallery

To mark the hundredth anniversary of their next door neighbour Megalo Studio and Gallery has put on an exhibition called Build up that celebrates the built form of Canberra in a range of print styles. The overall look of the gallery is wonderful – prints in black and white, collages abstract, futuristic, impressionistic, they are fascinating.
I am attaching pictures and the gallery sheet to indicate the range of the prints and it includes the prices.












Memories and Rust @ Canberra Contemporary Art Space Manuka

Josh Darcy and Nigel Dobson share the CCAS exhbition space at Manuka in a show called Memories and Rust. The material in the exhibition is hard steel and photographs Both Darcy and Dobson create in metal and but Dobson has created a great set of memories arranged in panels of prints and selected large format black and white photographs. There is a hardness to much of what is on display. Many of the black and white photos have a cold isolated look to them but the coloured photos have lots of fun and enjoyment in them as memories always do.
The metal varies from rusted large scale angled plate metal to delightful, flowing, coloured, enamelised creations. The space was a bit crowded but there was lots to engage.
Attached are some pics to give the sense of it all and the gallery sheet etc









Life and time – Portraits by Rod McNichol @ National Portrait Gallery

I am in my sixties and am aware of the facial and body changes that come with age and have seen the transformitive effect of time on what I look like. The small set of photographs by Rod McNichol in the entrance gallery of the National Portrait Gallery record changes over time in a selection of people. In this space they are combined with a point in time set of photographs of some of distinctive looking people.
I have included a sample below of the ones I liked the most. Once again the Portrait Gallery has brought portraiture to the public in a delightful way.








Revealing the Rothschild Prayer Book @ National Library of Australia

prayer book

Canberra being such a recent arrival on the planet and the fact that I have lived in this young town for most of my life builds a sense of awe in the presence of old stuff. The current exhibition at the National Library of Australia centres on manuscripts that are half a millennium old.

Revealing the Rothschild Prayer Book c. 1505-1510 from the Kerry Stokes Collection is an exhibition centring on a remarkable book with a fascinating provenance. The exhibition has some historically interesting accompanying text and other documents around the walls and in cases. The heart of the exhibition is a large flat screen on which in high definition page after page of the book are projected in large format. It was a marvelous experience to see such gorgeous creative beauty that had been generated over 500 years ago.
A no picture taking rule applies in the gallery at the National Library so I have no shots but there is a good web page for this at the link below

Altered – Anne Marie Jackson @ M16 Artspace

Anne Jackson makes beautiful items out of stoneware and porcelain in pale undecorated colours. The items are varied and have lots of curves. The small objects are deleigtful. The corridor gallery at M16 is ideal for this type of object as they are on shelves almost eye height. Below are some pics and the gallery sheet.








Digital art @ Nishi

There are a collection of fun digital artworks on display at the Nishi Gallery at New Acton that have been produced by ANU art students and staff. Some are interactive with sensors translating the viewer’s action through software into intresting changes in the art work. Others are created using digital ways and means to produce moving images that are funny and confronting.
There is a large wall poster of the Australian Prime Minister as the minister for women created out of thousands of smaller high definition pictures that are largely soft porn or advertising type images. It is remarkable to look at both from a distance and close up.
As is often the case in Canberra it wa great to chat with some of the artists at the space. It is only on for a short time and I find it sad that info about shows at this adventurous space is so hard to find.



Margaret Hadfield – Standing room only for heroes @ Queanbeyan Arts Centre Gallery

As part of the ongoing big scale all pervasive remembrance of World War 1 the Queanbeyan Arts Centre is hosting an exhibition of Margaret Hadfield’s painting that resulted from a visit she made to the Gallipoli battlefield in the Dardenelles.
Hadfield’s works gives a clear sense of the topography and landscape of the area.The bautiful highly vegetated hils and the attractive water and sand scenes afe the last image you would connect with war but that is what it looks like today a hundred years after the event. Poppies are part of the set but the striking feature of the images is the lack of blood and carnage. The pictures belos give a sense of the exhibition.









Clem Baker-Finch @ ANU School of Arts Gallery

There is a striking set of images on the walls of the ANU School of Art gallery. One set are road signs for a fruit shop showing the products available, another set are deli product signs and the third set are some stunningly attractive geometrically constructed line and intersecting line creations. The unifying thing about all of them is the vibrantly attractive nature of great colour choices.
Below are samples of the sets and the gallery sheet.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage