Myth and Magic Art of the Sepik River PNG @ National Gallery of Australia

The artistry of simple or non industrialised societies is often quite striking. The exhibition of artworks from the Sepik Valley in Papua New Guinea on display at the National Gallery of Australia is remarkable for its elegant simplicity. The objects are almost exclusively three dimensional, they are largely made of wood , and many have religious significance. From object to object there was reason to rejoice in human creativity expressed through carving and decoration. As usual the NGA staff has exhibited the materials in a wonderful non distracting way and the variety of chosen objects continued interest throughout.
The collection has come from major institutions in several Australian states and a few overseas including Papua New Guinea. This is a richly enjoyable exhibition of unique works.
As there was a strange ban on photographs I have included just the page from the NGA and an aticle from the ANU student paper Woroni
Article in Woroni

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