What’s in the toybox? @ Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

27 November – 24 December 2015

The Goulburn Regional Art Gallery has a great exhibition right now featuring lots of fascinating creative toys. Within the mix there are gorgeous hand crafted wooden toys like trucks, cars and caravans. There is a remarkable toy box filled with creations of large toys made from pieces of other toys. There are dolls houses and set up scaled rooms. Two mirrored works centre around transparent skate boards and contrast with some spectacular richly coloured creations. The exhibition combines traditional toys, with vibrant creative works. There is a great set of fun works which is what toys and play is all about.

The website and blurb


Below is a selection of pics togive you an idea of the look of the exhibition.

20151217_132537 20151217_132602 20151217_132636 20151217_132834 20151217_133106 20151217_133230 20151217_133459 20151217_133513 20151217_133522 20151217_133602 20151217_133643 20151217_133748


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