Gifts to government (Part 2) @ Australian Parliament House

I popped into Parliament House and found that the objects in the exhibition of gifts to  government have nearly all been changed over. Amazing but not surprising. No doubt the stock of these objects is large and it was a surprising treat that the curators have put many more out on display.

I am sure Malcolm Frazer was bewitched by a life size bust of himself with a shiny gold reflective surface. Being off the farm I am sure he would have been more at home in a hand made Churro saddle and bridle ensemble from Mexico.

There are heaps of handicrafts and national symbols, there are statuettes and models, There are paintings and plates – more variety than I can represent here. One of the most surprising stuff was the jewellery. Lots of gold and precious stones in either national or historical traditional designs. Although much of the material is kitsch it gives an insight into national cultures and the way governments relate to each other. I was glad I got to see round 2.

20160105_16405620160105_16312120160105_163349 20160105_163355 20160105_163555 20160105_163605 20160105_164149 20160105_164328 20160105_164417


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