Let there be sculpture @ Strathnairn Arts

Strathnairn Arts has a current exhibition of sculpture that use lots of materials and approaches to representing our world. There are lots of nudes in various poses surrounded by abstract artifacts and lots of statues of animals of various kinds.

The  exhibition includes lots of paintings of nudes and other subjects and is capped off with some vibrant abstract paintings.Overall the set of works is varied and delightful.

Below are some pics of selected items.

20160507_110000 20160507_110127 20160507_110335 20160507_110342 20160507_110349 20160507_110449 20160507_110648 20160507_110728 20160507_110734 20160507_110819 20160507_111004 20160507_111011 20160507_111024

Here and there @ Belconnen Arts Centre

Sharron Peoples, Barbara Rogers, Julie Ryder have joined together in a current exhibition at Belconnen Arts Centre. All three artists work with textiles and thread.There are geometric designs, There are stories told in stitched net. Walking  through the gallery space you are constantly struck by natural rustic tones, shapes that can be seen in nature and those that do not appear and thelives of people and their experiences woven into beautiful art works.

Below are some pics and some gallery materials

20160507_113320 20160507_113547 20160507_113634 20160507_11370420160507_113952 20160507_113959 20160507_114005 20160507_11401120160507_114034 20160507_114215 20160507_114242 20160507_114314 20160507_114320 IMAG0004 IMAG0005 IMAG0006a IMAG0007 IMAG0009

Constructure – Ashley Kark @ Belconnen Arts Centre

Geometric metal jewellery is popular and allows for very attractive objects reflecting design creativity. Ashley Kark has a few dozen beautiful designs on display in a small exhibition at Belconnen Arts Centre. They are accompanied by pictures with people wearing the items.

Below are some pictures to show Ashley’s work

20160507_114509 20160507_114522 20160507_114605 20160507_114612 20160507_114622 20160507_114632 20160507_114736 20160507_114741 IMAG0012 IMAG0013 IMAG0014a IMAG0015 IMAG0016

Canberra Feltmakers outdoors @ Belconnen Arts Centre

There is a richly colourful set of totem like felt creations in the exhibition courtyard at the Belconnen Arts Centre right now. Each pole is unique and is created with a dominant colour. The poles are soft and variegated in texture and layout. The great thing is they are displayed in a concrete courtyard with lots of hard glass walls to contrast with the soft colourful felt poles

Some pics below

20160507_114843 20160507_114850 20160507_114856 20160507_114916 IMAG0018 IMAG0019 IMAG0022 IMAG0027IMAG0023

Biomimetic – Skye Gallagher @ Belconnen Arts Centre

29 April -22 May  2016

Skye Gallagher has a set of ceramic creations on exhibition at the Belconnen Arts Centre. The works are small and few and feature back lit dilapidated looking constructions featuring lighting to add life to their features. The blurb says “A recent artist residency in New York has resulted in this new body of work by ceramicist Skye Gallagher. The artworks in this exhibition explore ideas of biomimicry, human habitats, sustainability, and connection to place. This project and residency were made possible through funding from artsACT.

Pictures below show the type of works that are features in the exhibition

20160507_115058 20160507_115116 20160507_115131 20160507_115140 IMAG0029 IMAG0030

Forbidden Fruit Sailer and Ryman @ Australian National Botanical Gardens

20 April – 8 May 2016

Forbidden Fruit featuring work by Prue Sailer and Susan Ryman is the current exhibition at the gallery in the Australian National Botanical Gardens. Both artists have PhDs in Natural History illustration. Th in new ways.e artworks are not the standard botanical drawings but both artists sink their art in their skills of portraying the natural world in art.

Salter’s art features colour matched sets of small and larger works featuring birds and still life scenes Susan Ryman’s work has a renaissance look to it but is anchored in the representing of plants. The sample pics below give you a sense of their styles.

20160507_121423 20160507_121427 20160507_121614 20160507_121620 20160507_121657 20160507_121803 IMAG0031 IMAG0032 IMAG0033

Barbara Hanrahan: Words and Art @ UNSW Canberra

10 March – 10 June 2016

The gallery in the Academy Library of the UNSW Canberra is currently housing a small exhibition of the varied work produced over the long career of Barbara Hanrahan. The exhibition features a set of a dozen linocuts and many other prints of various types.

Hanrahan had a collection of gifts writing of fiction and other arts. Part of the display features copies of her works supported by text panels to give a sense of her creative productivity.

The gallery blurb is below. there is another blog post of mine on this site that features her prints.


Ailan Buumer – Erub Arts @ ANU School of Art

May 6- 28 2016

“An exhibition of drawings, design, fabric and fashion by artists from Erub Arts, Erub (Darnley Island) Torres Strait” is on at the ANU School of Arts gallery.

The gallery space vibrates with bright colours and tropical coastal inspried themes in the sparkling prints. The fabrics are supplemented with clothes and artwork that clearly prepare for the fabrics.  I love the fact that the curators have installed large samples of the fabric on the walls so the visitor gets a sense of the scale and the consuming beauty of thesefabrics.

There is a pdf catalogue on the website

Click to access Screen_Ailan%20Buumer_DL_36pp_plusCover_3mmBleed.pdf

Sample pics below show the sparkling beauty of the products

20160506_164341 20160506_164440 20160506_164452 20160506_164553 20160506_164602 20160506_164721 20160506_16474620160506_163804 20160506_163826 20160506_163840 20160506_163922 20160506_163928 20160506_164002 20160506_164010


Covet 2 @ ANU School of Art Foyer Gallery

Tue, 3rd MaySat, 14th May

“Artists explore personal desires to have and to hold, sinful yearnings, urges to consume and possess through sensual and multi-disciplinary practices.”

The foyer gallery is currently  showing a delightful collection of  artifacts and handicrafts around the theme above. There is a gorgeous fabric recreation of a surf wave. There are pottery urns actually made out of yarn. There are jewel encrusted fabric flowers, There are objects made from seed heads. It is an enjoyable and inventive exhibition.

The pictures below are a representative sample of both the range and variety in the exhibition.

20160506_165045 20160506_165050 20160506_165128 20160506_165157 20160506_165251 20160506_165315 20160506_165325 20160506_165417 20160506_165423 20160506_165705 20160506_165903