Kyoko Imazu – Storytellers @ Megalo Studio and Gallery

2-23 July 2016

Variety is the strength of the exhibitions at the Megalo Studio and Gallery. This one is  emotionally sensitive and almost has some of that tone of Maurice Sendak. It has a fairytale style in its gentle softness. The weaving of children, animals and nature into the frame is whimsical and induces happiness and unease in different pictures.

The other awesome feature of this exhibition is the display of cut page books and sculptures. Using white and off white card Kyoko Imazu has created a fantasy world byt cutting and layering of scenes to tell a story. Some of these are free standing almost maze looking and others are fold out books. The one I found the most engaging was the layered cut out in which one side of the card was brightly coloured to provide a reflected coloured hue to the scene.  Marvelous and intricate and very fascinating to look at over time.

Sample pics and gallery sheets below

20160716_123620 20160716_123650 20160716_123712 20160716_123753 20160716_124109 20160716_124123 20160716_124156 20160716_124249 IMAG0038 IMAG0039 IMAG0040 IMAG0041 IMAG0042 IMAG0043 IMAG0044 IMAG0045 IMAG0046 IMAG0047


Into the limelight @ ANU School of Arts Gallery

July 27 – Aug 6 2017

I always love exhibitions of school  student art. This one is a big one. 400 works from Primary, Secondary and College age students. There is a broad set of arts represented – pottery clothing, photography, painting, collage, sculpture and other media. I guess it is curated to bring good examples together but it is still a wonderful collection of delightful creativity.

The website is below and some sample pictures:

20160727_162323 20160727_162346 20160727_162420 20160727_162825 20160727_162851 20160727_16292220160727_161923 20160727_161938 20160727_161948 20160727_162012 20160727_162026 20160727_162106 20160727_162141

Dogs and Pigs – Shan Cosbie @ Belconnen Arts Centre

24 June – 17 July 2016

Striking name for an art exhibition heh – Pigs and Dogs. Shan Crosbie explores different attitudes humans have to animals that are in many aspects similar. The artist points out in the blurb that we eat out bacon and love our dog.

Each of the eighty portraits of dogs and pigs on the wall present the animals as loveable and relatable.  Shan clearly wants to highlight these seemingly strange attitudes to creatures that are likeable.

Look at the pics below and the gallery sheet.

20160716_104457 20160716_104639 20160716_104658 20160716_104702 20160716_104705 20160716_104709 IMAG0030 IMAG0031 IMAG0032

Habitual Creatures @ Belconnen Arts Centre

24 June – 17 July 2016

Tom Buckland, Rebecca Selleck and Sian Watson

Animals and humans have interacted since creation in diverse ways. The three artists in this exhibition have taken that interaction into view in sculpture, photography and interactive works.

The three artists embrace the complexity of the relationships because they think about animals in different ways an have experienced cultural attitudes that have shaped their views. Some of these works are fun.Rebecca Selleck constructed “Mixoma” with a rabbit skin exterior which invites the viewer to touch. Fur has come close to being removed  from out lives so it was almost confonting to have it close. Tom Buckland has created a large microscope under which you can stand and look up through the viewer to be confronted by a large eyeball staring down at you. Sian has produced some marvelous paintings of insects and spiders. Lots of great stuff here.

Have a look below at the works pictured by use of a phone and the gallery sheet and price list is there also.

20160716_103616 20160716_103629 20160716_104117 20160716_104156 20160716_104228 20160716_104324 20160716_104340 IMAG0026 IMAG0027 IMAG0028


2 degrees @ Canberra Contemporary Art Space

15 July – 20 Aug 2016

2 Degrees is an artistic response to issues surrounding climate change. The artists involved are: Daniel Bonson, GW Bot, David Buckland, Søren Dahlgaard, Jacky Green, Annika Harding, Timothy James Johnson and Andrew Styan. There are a big variety of styles. In the cube an artist uses a rotating piece of coal under light and use of a projection screen to highlight its role in the problem. In the big space there is an inflatable tropical island which then photographed in the middle of a wheat field and on a bush escarpment.

The exhibition has serious focus but has fun elements. Pics below:

20160723_114652 20160723_114738 20160723_114819 20160723_114840 20160723_115035 20160723_115150 IMAG0015 IMAG0016 IMAG0017

Michael Taylor A survey 1963-2016 @ Canberra Museum and Gallery

9 July – 2 October 2016

There is a major retrospective of the nearly 50 years of art work by Michael Taylor. The paintings are abstract. The abstraction ranges from the gloomy dark to the pastel and almost pretty. There are paintings that are tortured and confused looking and others that look peaceful and settled. I am not a fan of abstract art but this exhibition gives a great

insight to the long artistic production of Michael Taylor.

Pics below with an article from the Canberra Times.

20160713_162844 20160713_162859 20160713_162914 20160713_162932 20160713_163016 20160713_163129 20160713_163142 20160713_163223 20160713_163320


A matter of time @ Queanbeyan Arts Centre

28 June – 16 July 2016

Each year an exhibition quilts happens in Queanbeyan. Quilters are set a fixed size and a theme and they all create artistic works in quilt form for the display. This year the theme was “A matter of time”.

Gorgeous, varied and often sumptuous these works are remarkable in their beauty and complexity.  I am in awe of the talent and skill of these artists and all I can say is look at the sample pics below.

20160716_120440 20160716_120457 20160716_120515 20160716_120520 20160716_120632 20160716_120841 20160716_120915 20160716_121130 20160716_121226 20160716_121536 20160716_121602 20160716_121720 IMAG0021 IMAG0023

Fink and Co (Vale Robbie Foster) @ CraftACT

21 July – 27 Aug 2016

Canberra Art, Craft, Design leader was buried this week. CraftACT has a pop up exhibition in Civic that contains selected items that embody the creative excellence that marked Robbie’s life. Below are some pics and some web links.

20160723_121244 20160723_121315 20160723_121439 20160723_121503 20160723_121535 20160723_121555 IMAG0018 IMAG0019


Fund raiser – Ros Auld and Claire Primrose @ Form Studio and Gallery

19 July -7 August 2016

Living in Canberra we get to see huge amounts of creative art. I see more than one exhibition per day over a year. Other parts of Australia are not so fortunate. At Form Studio and Gallery there is a fund raiser exhibition to enable them to take an exhibition on the road to regional galleries.

Ros Auld and Claire Primrose have an exhibition in which they have collaborated to create works for sale. The income from the sales will be used to take art on the road. One of my favourite works of Claire’s has already sold.

If you are in the market for good art pop out.

The web page is

The flyer is below.

IMAG0013 IMAG0014

Flow Interrupted – Debra Jurss @ Form Studio and Gallery

19 July – 7 Aug 2016

Glass is one of my favourite media for creativity. The fact that it has great surfaces, great interiors and can change dramatically due to the effects of light on the object makes glass a special vehicle for artistry.

Debra Jurss has created a set of beautiful glass objects under the theme of Flow interrupted. Claire Primrose told us at the exhibition that Debra has only been making Glass art for around five years ago. These objects are remarkable for the way that they embody the power and movement of water. There are bubbles of glass within most objects which gives life to the idea of energetic movement.

Some of the works are mounted on frames on the wall that allows light from the back others are free standing usually with a triangular base tapering to narrow peak. The look of this exhibition is so fresh and inviting because of the vibrant blues and striking movement in the works. I loved it.

Pics and flyer below.

20160723_110920 20160723_111029 20160723_111109 20160723_111301 20160723_111740IMAG0011 IMAG0012