What becomes of little boys – Martin Claydon @ M16 Artspace

18 August – September 2016

Martin Claydon creates large paintings on glossy banners made of canvas. They are confronting brilliantly coloured works that invite return viewing. A very large dark multi-coloured cow is one of the images. Another is a crab. The images include highly abstract ones and easy to pick ones.

Below are some sample pics and the gallery sheet

20160819_162558 20160819_162622 - Copy 20160819_162752 - Copy 20160819_162758 - Copy 20160819_162830 IMAG0013 IMAG0015


Tied – Francis Spurgin @ M16 Artspace

18 Aug 4 Sept 2016

Francis Suurgin has created a set of artworks made of classic traditional rope knots. The knots are decorated with fishing hooks and flies.The display has a collection of framed poems interspersed with the knots. For something so simple there is a striking beauty about each of these works.

Pics and gallery materials below

20160819_163212 20160819_163221 20160819_163230 20160819_163234 20160819_163243 IMAG0020 IMAG0021

Obliterate – Averil Harris @ M16 Artspace

18 August – 4 September 2016

Averil Harris has on exhibition at M16 a small set of works in which she plays out the interplay between text and concealment. Books and other texts are covered up with black texta colour and other concealing things. One of the artworks is a video of someone actually covering the text with texta. There are lots of levels to think through these artworks as you reflect on the ways we reveal and conceal through what we read and write.

See the pics and gallery material below.

20160819_162357 20160819_162404 20160819_162441 20160819_162448 20160819_162452 20160819_162500 20160819_162513IMAG0017 IMAG0019


Milingimbi Artists @ Nancy Sever Gallery

20 July – 21 August 2016

Joe Dhamanydji, Raymond Bulambula, Helen Ganalmirriwuy and Margaret Rarru are four senior artist. Their work is on display in a fabulous exhibition at the Nancy Sever Gallery in Kingston. All the works are large and have a traditional indigenous aesthetic about them.

It finishes on the weekend and I have included some snaps and the information rich flyer below.

20160819_164753 20160819_164913 20160819_165014 20160819_165131IMAG0008 IMAG0009 IMAG0010 IMAG0011

A beautiful Anxiety – Lynn Smith @ Photoaccess

12 Aug – 14 September 2016

Sometimes a set of photos grips you.  Lynn Smith did that to me today. Lynn is a photographer who works with film on long exposure at night – that is his practice and the results are awesome.

Smith is a photographer of unoccupied urban spaces with a grimy, complex look about them. There is nothing airbrushed about any of these. The exhibition consists of 23 large format colour photos.

I loved all of these pictures. They are multi layered in the choice of elements in each shot. There are some crumbling elements combined with signs, vegetation, left over city detritus and lots of other elements.

I have included a few examples below and the wonderful gallery sheet. I am told Lynn Smith will be at Huw Davies on two Sundays starting 28 Aug 2016.

20160819_165957 20160819_170036 20160819_170125 20160819_170207 IMAG0001 IMAG0002 IMAG0003 IMAG0004

May Gibbs by gum @ Canberra Museum and Gallery

16 Jul 2016—11 Sep 2016

Mini exhibitions are often truly special. In the glass case gallery at CMAG there is currently a wonderful exhibition on the work of Australian author May Gibbs. The exhibition features physical copies of many of her main books, it has examples of ephemera and products inspired by her work and there is even a copy of a Hebrew translation.

It is great to be reminded of such a special iconic line of literature that enriched my early years and still stands as a fascinating part of Australia’s heritage. The exhibition was developed in collaboration with the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature Inc

Some pics below

20160811_155827 20160811_155836 20160811_155851 20160811_155908 20160811_15591820160811_155800 20160811_155805

Bigger on the inside: Collecting Dr Who @ Canberra Museum and Gallery

16 Jul 2016—20 Nov 2016

Dr Who is a phenomenon that has survived for 50 years. Beginning with  a TV programme that was built with amateurish sets and thin plots the global fan base grew and transformed as the TV shows grew more sophisticated the Dr character moved through a succession of lead actors.

There is a massive global fan base and Canberra is blessed right now with an exhibition of a very hight.

Below are some pics

20160811_155942 20160811_160012 20160811_160039 20160811_160139 20160811_160232 20160811_160325 20160811_160337 20160811_160446 20160811_160508