Mutable Realities @ Nishi Galleries

13 – 30 October 2016

The blurb on the web page below reads as follows:

Looking beyond the everyday, ‘Mutable Realities’ draws together artists who use their work to explore the inexplicable intangible realms where meaning might be found or reason lost. Patsy Payne, Trish Roan, Peter Jordan and Sara Freeman navigate different pathways through these threshold spaces in an exhibition of new work.

Mutable Realities

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Blue Blooded – Marie Hegarty @ Canberra Contemporary Arts Centre Braddon

14 Oct 2016 to 19 Nov 2016
 In Marie Hegarty’s work there is a huge flowing presence of water movement and scale. Her paintings have a room filling  striking nature. Big mainly primary colours combined with flowing action.  The catalogue link is below and some sample pics.
20161015_112816 20161015_112822 20161015_112854 20161015_112916

Byrd and Jason Phu @ Canberra Contemporary Arts Space Braddon

26 August – 1 August 2016

One of the delightful exhibitions held recently at the Braddon Canberra Contemporary Arts Space featured the work of Byrd and Jason Phu.The works were fascinating and included the following selection of delightful creations.

The web catalogue

20161015_112926 20161015_112931 20161015_112938

Traces @ Belconnen Arts Centre

14 October – 6 November 2016 » Gallery

As a part of the multifaceted commemoration of the 50 year mark for the founding of Belconnen the Traces exhibition has been mounted at the Belconnen Art Centre. The website blurb reads as follows:

Artists from throughout Australia have responded to the theme of: speaking of place; connection to it; stories and memories. Belconnen may have been woven into their life’s travels throughout the last 50 years or artists may have shared a special memory of Belconnen. Artists engaged with the idea of connection and memory playfully, thoughtfully, radically, or somewhere in between as they explored the people, relationships, places, adventures and environments that you cherish.

There is a wonderful diverse range of takes on a sense of place in the exhibition with some sample pics and the gallery page link below.

20161014_154357 20161014_154421 20161014_154444 20161014_154455 20161014_154600 20161014_154643 20161014_154700 20161014_154714 20161014_154722 20161014_154923 20161014_154932 20161014_154952 20161014_154957 20161014_155002 20161014_155016 20161014_155056

Jen Mallinson – Pivotal @ Belconnen Arts Centre

14 October – 6 November 2016 » Outdoor Gallery

The blurb for the wonderful set of metal works on the Outdoor Gallery space  reads as follows: PIVOTAL is a series of contemporary sculptural works that explore the cycles of existence. The intuitive process of design and the physicality of the actual making, in her preferred medium of steel, is key to the artist and connect with an intrigue for the rediscovery of the knowledge of ancient civilizations. Imprinted images and memories created through her coastal environment are infused in the elements that form these works.

Some pics of Jen Mallinson’s work are below with the web page for the exhibition.

20161014_155333  20161014_155514 20161014_155519 20161014_155525 20161014_155538 20161014_155551 20161014_155609 20161014_155638

The Map Project @ Belconnen Arts Centre

14 October – 6 November 2016

The blurb on the website for this exhibition reads

This inspired initiative explores the meaning of the place we call our HOME: the geography, culture, history and our perceptions of being there through the medium of textiles. The project is now travelling around Australia having exhibited in Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Scotland and at The Liverpool Biennial and ‘The Wirral Festival of Firsts’ in UK. An exciting range of ACT and surrounding regional textile fibre artists’ collaborations are now joining this international celebration of place.

The works are large richly coloured detailed fabric creations. There are some sample pics below and the web page link.

20161014_155722 20161014_155734 20161014_155742 20161014_155814 20161014_155838 20161014_155845 20161014_155904 20161014_155908 20161014_155940

As it is – Tess Horwitz, Caroline Huf, Janet Long @ M16 Artspace

29 September 16 October 2016 M16 Artspace

The blurb for this wonderful mostly sculptural exhibition reads, Tess Horwitz, Caroline Huf and Janet Long join forces in their shared exhibition As It Is. Using video, objects and images, the artists explore themes of impermanence and failure as inevitable, both in art and life. Below are a set of pics that give the wonderful range of creations that were on display.

20161008_120512 20161008_120634 20161008_120714 20161008_120736 20161008_120757 20161008_120830 20161008_120900 20161008_120949 20161008_121010 20161008_121031 20161008_121111 20161008_121137 20161008_121207 20161008_121326


River – Peter Ranyard @ Photoaccess

8 September – 2 October 2016

This exhibition is a set of black and white photographs that are drawn from memories of Peter Ranyar’s childhood. The pictures have been altered in post production. There a couple os samples below, the link to the webpage and the gallery sheet given out at the exhibition.

20160917_121216 20160917_121229 imag0039 imag0040 imag0049 imag0050 imag0051 imag0052

Canberra Potters Members@ Watson Arts Centre

29 Sept -23 Oct 2016

A great exhibition that is held at the Watson Arts Centre is their Members show. This year it is a complex set of remarkably divers ways of creating artistic objects from clay and other sculptural materials. The people connected with the Watson Arts Centre are constantly experimenting with styles and materials and seeking to stretch the parameters of what is possible. An exhibition like this one brings together a vast variety of styles under one roof.

Below are some samples and some gallery materials.

20161002_154321 20161002_154342 20161002_154424 20161002_154533 20161002_154601 20161002_154803 20161002_154833 20161002_154849 20161002_154931 20161002_155324 20161002_155401 imag0066 imag0067 imag0068 imag0069 imag0070 imag0071 imag0072