Lay About – Jacob England @ ANCA Gallery

28 Sept – 16 October 2016

Some art really engages different people. The exhibition of Jacob England’s work titled Lay About really got to me. Talking to Jacob at the ANCA gallery he explained how he works from specific landscapes to generate his art. He creates dye from plant materials. He observes the elements of a particular narrow location and picks up pieces of the landscape and forges the bits into delightful landscape based artworks.

The first pics below are of delicate brooch sized artworks that are created from found  things like twigs, rocks, twine, wire and feathers. Each item is created from a unique combination of these parts and they end up being beautiful in their own way. Another artwork that I did not photograph is a set of photos taken of Jacob throwing small stones into the air and photographing them in the air with a vivid blue sky as a backdrop. As a set they are strikingly beautiful. The other photo below is of a wheel of rocks that he collected on Mount Ainslie and arranged them in declining size from the centre to the edge.

I loved the exhibition and found the art fascinating.

20161002_160238 20161002_160650 20161002_160657 20161002_160704 20161002_160708 20161002_160809

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