Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award @ Australian National Maritime Museum

Until 26 October 2016

I am married to a wonderful woman who loves wild life in all its myriad expressions. I get to watch all sorts of documentaries I would never see without her. So wild life photography though not my favourite focus has become a place of awe for me as there is no end to the beauty and fascination that can be creatively captured when the target of the photographer is God’s creatures and their activities.

The Australian National Maritime Museum is hosting an exhibition with awards given in about a dozen categories ranging from underwater to urban. There are some awards given to photographers under 18 as well. I am always a bit awestruck by these types of pictures because I always wonder how the people pull off being in the right time and the right place to get this stuff taken. Two great features of this exhibition are that they play the shots through on big screens and there is a category for very short films of the natural world,

I have included a set below but these are dodgy phone shots and there is nothing as awe inspiring as standing in front of the large format prints.

Website page


20160928_095812 20160928_095845 20160928_100215 20160928_100428 20160928_095621 20160928_095701 20160928_095038 20160928_095117



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