Citizens of Craft @ Craft ACT

9 September – 22 October 2016

There is an amazing exhibition of expertise in many crafts on display at the Craft ACT gallery. It is drawn from the talents of 42 artists connected to the Craft ACT network and it has shown a remarkable range of styles and types of creativity including some remarkable works by Stephen Barrass which I am told were created on a 3D printer. Rarely have I seen so much high grade craft under one roof. I will only put a few of the pics I took below but this is a show to delight the visitor on lots of levels.

20161004_103339 20161004_103358 20161004_103646 20161004_103659 20161004_103803 20161004_103849 20161004_104015 20161004_104124 20161004_104233 20161004_104431 20161004_104552 20161004_104611 20161004_104643

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