Temporality – Enrico Scortese @ Photoaccess

11 – 27 November 2016

There is a time component in every photograph. In Enrico Scortese’s work the aspect of time is reflected in the composition and the processes that it takes to bring them to exhibition. All the work is in black and white and it moves from the mundane to the abstract.

There is a sample of pics below with the gallery sheet.

dsc01673 dsc01677 dsc01679 dsc01684 dsc01685 imag0013 imag0014 imag0015 imag0016 imag0021 imag0022

Finding Focus – Laura Hindmarsh – @ Photoaccess

11- 27 November 2016

The title of this exhibition gives a true sense of her practice. Ms Hindmarsh is recording in film her journey to find focus both in her practice and in her style of photography. Most of the work is in pure black and white and from an 8mm film to lots of tiny photographs her work has a blurry look to it. Some samples and the gallery sheet are below.

dsc01655 dsc01657 dsc01659 dsc01662imag0017 imag0018 imag0019 imag0020 imag0021 imag0022

Graduate Exhibitions 2016 @ ANU School of Art Galleries

Friday night November 26 saw an awesome art event at the ANU. The school opens all its sections to house an exhibition of graduating student’s work. The main gallery has an exhibition that picks a few works from most of the artists and then when you cruise around the school you get to see glass in the glass workshop furniture in the photospace and so on and you get to immerse yourself in a bigger range of art from the students.

The event is so much fun as because the crowds are huge and there is wine, and food as you wander around the spaces. I have put some pics below.  There is a great catalogue available and the prices on the works for sale seem reasonable.

dsc01691 dsc01692 dsc01700 dsc01708 dsc01710 dsc01713 dsc01719 dsc01727 dsc01736 dsc01750 dsc01759 dsc01771 dsc01786 dsc01788

Holly Grace – Solitude @ Beaver Galleries

20 October – 6 November 2016

Holly Grace makes beautiful glass objects. Most are decorated with alpine foliage.Some are bowls and functional objects others are simply beautiful decorations. The exhibited objects in this show I liked the most were the glass houses with a light inside that projected versions of the houses on the walls. Strikingly beautiful and fascinating.

Below are some pics and gallery materials.

20161022_111029 20161022_111048 20161022_111129 20161022_111137 20161022_111321 20161022_111343 20161022_111549 20161022_111555 imag0029 imag0030 imag0035 imag0036

History of the world in 100 Objects @ National Museum of Australia

I finally got to see these objects in a room close enough to touch them. I heard these wonderful 10 minute podcasts off the BBC website over a decade age. There were pictures and text on the website and the choices and range of the objects were extraordinary.

I loved it then and to have them bring 100 objects of such historical significance all the way to Canberra filled me with a sense of awe.

The objects cover rock axes through to modern technology. The curators have drawn items from every continent, lots of different historical epochs and have woven in some remarkable historical anomalies. The striking thing about the exhibition for me is how creative humans are across the ages. Lots of the functional items are turned into items of striking beauty with artistic decoration and craftsmanship.

I will put some pics but say no more as it is best to see this one.

20161029_110520 20161029_110915 20161029_111108 20161029_111729 20161029_112147 20161029_113703 20161029_113911 20161029_115938 20161029_120419 20161029_120533 20161029_121032

Equs Homo – Steve Harrison @ Tuggeranong Arts Centre

Equs Homo – Steve Harrison  was an exhibition at Tuggerenong Arts Centre till the end of October. In a haunting stark way Harrison created horse head centred works that had an almost spooky vibe about them There are some pic samples below and the web page.

Equus Homo

20161005_110034 20161005_110149 20161005_110208 20161005_110218 20161005_110249 20161005_110258 20161005_110322


Mitchell/Fuller Moving forward – Looking Back @ Craft ACT

3 Nov – 17 Dec 2016

Wood art is always a source of awe for me. I find it hard to hammer a nail in straight and am often mystified by the precision and fine detail of wood artistry. The Mitchel Fuller exhibition at Craft ACT gallery is a great display of precision skill in the use of wood in creative artistry. Below are some pics of the remarkable objects created.


20161103_165420 20161103_165427 20161103_165436 20161103_165536 imag0042 imag0043 imag0044 imag0046

Reclaim @ Craft ACT

3 Nov – 17 Dec 2016

The gang at CraftACT curate awesome exhibitions. The current one is a spectacular display of creativity around reusing of materials for great artworks. I love it and I love the fact that the gallery sheet is full of explanation of the artworks and what was used in making the objects.

Gallery web page and pics below


20161103_164242 20161103_164257 20161103_164414 20161103_164439 20161103_164805 20161103_164836 20161103_16495620161103_164144 20161103_164414 20161103_164828 20161103_164917

The Denmans @ Canberra Museum and Gallery

A core role of Canberra Museum and Gallery has to be recording and telling the story of the history of the Australian capital. There is an exhibition on at present that fills all the criteria I think CMAG should meet. The story of the Denmans is a fascinating yarn of an English couple appointed to work in Canberra for a few years at the time of the foundation of the new capital. The Museum tells a great story of an energetic couple in an odd location. It tells the story of a small community preparing for playing a role in a new and developing nation.

Below is a website link and some pictures


20161103_162022 20161103_162046 20161103_162117 20161103_162314 20161103_162843 20161103_162904 20161103_163242

The Popular Pet Show @ The National Portrait Gallery

6 Nov 2016 – 13 Mar 2017

If you love pets the new exhibition at the Portrait Gallery is a must see. The curators have brought together a large collection of works that portray citizens and celebrities with their vast array of pets and animals.There are lots of portraits of pets themselves. The staff have put the pictures on the walls of the main temporary exhibition space as well a the large gallery beyond so visitors can truly indulge themselves in views of pets in delightful ranges of poses and places.

We have a cat, within our immediate family there are over a dozen pets. I have to say that I loved this particularly the presentation of farm animals and other pets beyond my world of the city

Below is gallery material and sample pics


20161105_111943 20161105_112017 20161105_112248 20161105_113013 20161105_113450 20161105_113728 20161105_113758 20161105_113844 20161105_114349 20161105_114428 20161105_114613 20161105_114651 20161105_114953 20161105_115227 20161105_115442