Sue Lovegrove – Book of trees @ Beaver Galleries

20 October – 6 November 2016

Lots of art is fun because of the elements that are put together. Sue Lovegrove has woven intricate Persian design and calligraphy with Australian native trees to create what could convincingly be wall panels off an old house or end pages fro a book on Persian antiquities.

I loved every one of the works in this exhibition. It is a fun mash up done with a real sense of the beauty of disparate sources. One of the features of the works is the layout and the aged look of some of these works

Below are some samples and gallery materials.

20161022_111644 20161022_111740 20161022_111750 20161022_111758 20161022_111910 20161022_111952 imag0031 imag0032 imag0033 imag0034

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