Versailles – Treasures from the Palace @ National Gallery of Australia

This exhibition draws on a world that does not exist in Australia. If you walk through large public buildings in Australia you mainly see understated and sleek. The French Louis era was the opposite – over the top bling encrusted grand scale in everything.

The National Gallery has some disadvantages as an art space but when you bring in grand scale works it comes into its own. There are tapestries that seem to be the size of the house I live in right now. There are rooms in the display that are almost the scale of the palace at Versailles itself.

The choice of objects to come to Australia are varied – ranging from a large fountain and grand scale paintings and tapestries to statues and furniture and crockery. As you would expect there is nothing in the space that is not gorgeously and elaborately designed and decorated. A thing I love about this exhibition is the context of housing these objects inthe NGA which is unfinished concrete and glass brutalism.


Some pics below:

20161231_105557 20161231_110414 20161231_111831 20161231_112155 20161231_112311 20161231_112520 20161231_115910 20161231_120135 20161231_120322 20161231_120520 20161231_111831-copy 20161231_105811-copy 20161231_110535-copy 20161231_110603-copy

Maralyn Stretton – Earth element Life’s fragility @ M16 Artspace

1 Jan – 5 Feb 2017

This artist gets Australian bush colour in a delgihtful clear sighted way. Each of these works embodies bark colours that are seen regularly in bark on gum trees and other features in Australia’s flora. Ms Stretton’s work has that messy look that is essential for representing the Australian bush.

There are pics and gallery material below.

img_20170128_122658 img_20170128_122709 img_20170128_122720 img_20170128_122730 img_20170128_122739 img_20170128_122750 img_20170128_122934 img_20170128_122939

imag0029 imag0030

Aether – Lucy Palmer @ M16 Artspace

19 January – 5 February 2017

Glass is hard and heavy and Lucy Palmer creates small works that look light and aetherial. She uses thin colours and translucent glass. She displays works with light and all of them have a small angular look to them. The techniques are varied and are explained on the gallery sheet attached.

Pics and gallery sheet below.

img_20170128_122308 img_20170128_122318 img_20170128_122347 img_20170128_122415 img_20170128_122456 img_20170128_122510imag0027 imag0028

Ontogenesis @ Belconnen Arts Centre

21 Jan-  5 Mar 2017

Ngaio Fitzpatrick, Kate Nixon, John White and  Madisyn Zabel are recent graduates of the ANU Glass Workshop. In this exhibition they demonstrate to create works that weave glass into works that weave handicraft materials.

Some are quite spectacular one pictured below looks mundane from a distance but looking inside the glass tubes reveals a kaleidoscopic array of colours in the end of each tube.

There are other demonstrations of remarkable skills in the work of glass art.

img_20170128_110849 img_20170128_110910 img_20170128_110920 img_20170128_110930

img_20170128_110704 img_20170128_110713 img_20170128_110718 img_20170128_110750 img_20170128_110759 img_20170128_111225




Intersections @ M16 Artspace

19 Jan – 5 Feb 2017

Five artists five contrasting approaches. The art in this exhibition provides some rich diversity – blocky abstract high gloss paintings, delicate graphite works that are mainly paper with small scale images, classical pastel coloured pottery, concrete with embedded resin all combine to show a rich representation of artistic approach.

The artists are Bryna Bambury, Nikki Chopra, Eliya Nikki Cohen, Chelsea Kalogiannidis, Holly Tranter

The website blurb reads: This exhibition presents the intersection of five peoples’ experiences of daily life in their natural environments. Using different mediums – painting, ceramics, photo prints and lithographs –their experiences are both celebrated and analysed.

Pics below

img_20170128_121635 img_20170128_121652 img_20170128_121753 img_20170128_121802 img_20170128_121922 img_20170128_121959 img_20170128_122002 img_20170128_122146 img_20170128_122155

Totally-ish – James Lieutenant @ Canberra Contemporary Arts Centre – City

James Lieutenant has an exhibition of 21 abstract works in acrylic on the city space of the Canberra Contemporary Arts Centre in the City. The paintings are rich in colour and work textural materials into their look.

Pics below

img_20170128_115827 img_20170128_115841 img_20170128_115758-copy img_20170128_115732-copy img_20170128_115743-copy img_20170128_115750-copy

Currents – Anna Madeleine @ Canberra Contemporary Arts Centre Braddon

9 Dec 2016 – 11 Feb 2017

The cube at Gorman House Braddon is a black box of a room that CCAS use to display digital, projected, luminous and other lit artworks. The blurb for this begins Currents consists of an interactive installation and a series of animations that explore the materiality of digital communication.

Anna Madeleine seeks to make visible important elements of our society that are invisible normally through her fragile flickering creations. I have a couple of phone pics below and the link to the very good online catalogue.

img_20170128_113804 img_20170128_113819 img_20170128_113906

imag0021 imag0020 imag0019