Artists of the Great War @ National Gallery of Australia

The National Gallery brought together a set of works in their Australian area to reflect the great gifts and varieties of artists who recorded aspects of the experience of World War One.

The blurb for this reads: This powerful exhibition addresses wartime propaganda, front-line experience and remembrance through paintings, drawings and prints by Official War Artists, combatants and women. It also features a special focus on the remarkable artist Will Dyson.

The works range from standard historical recording of historical events and people to extremely brutal representations of the violence of war.

Pics below

dsc01888 dsc01889 dsc01890 dsc01896 dsc01898 dsc01902 dsc01904

Engage: Community Posters @ Megalo Studio and Gallery

11 Feb – 4 Mar 2017

The current exhibition at Megalo features posters made by and for community groups. The posters are half the exhibition and the other half is of pictures of people involved in the processes of learning how and producing the posters.. There is a simple vitality about both parts of the exhibition.

Pics below

img_20170218_110958 img_20170218_111028 img_20170218_111033 img_20170218_111113 img_20170218_111120 img_20170218_111152

Gabriella Tagliapietra – Seek @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

Gabriella Tagliapietra has created a wonderful synthesis of patterned fabrics and Australian fauna and flora. The beautiful tones and textures make these works beautiful in a singly Australian look. The tones have that eucalyptus almost smoky look and many of the colours have that leeched pale look and lack those bright reds and blues that rarely occur in the Australian landscape.

The exhibition has information about the fabric creation and there are samples of furniture and soft furniture in the gallery. Some pics below and gallery materials.

img_20170214_163508 img_20170214_163541 img_20170214_163639 img_20170214_163702 img_20170214_163739 img_20170214_163831 img_20170214_163839 img_20170214_163858imag0005 imag0007

Julia Higgs – 3 Memories, 3 Animals and a Hunk of Wax @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

Artists interact between their experience of the world in which they live and their practice. Julia Higgs has a set of works which are her response to experiences she has had including encounters with dead animals. The exhibition is an attempt by Ms Higgs to highlight issues of feminism and vegetarianism. It is a confronting set of works.

Pics and gallery sheets below.

img_20170214_164124 img_20170214_164152 img_20170214_164209 img_20170214_164237 img_20170214_164256imag0003 imag0004 img_20170214_164103

Suzanne Moss – Make Light of it @ Nancy Sever Gallery

4 Feb – 5 Mar 2017

Suzanne Moss creates shimmering pastel geometric artworks. The variegated pale pastel works are intersected with varied geometric triangles, oblongs, squares and other geometric shapes  The choice of pale pastels makes viewing an activity that requires concentration. The choice of hanging the works on white walls was interesting. I tried to imagine what impact it would make to put them on a strong coloured wall.

Below is the gallery sheet and some pics but there is special depth and excitement in viewing them in a gallery.

img_20170216_170836 img_20170216_170845 img_20170216_170926 img_20170216_170931

imag0008 imag0009 imag0010 imag0011




Elizabeth Cummings – Interior Landscapes @ ANU Drill Hall Gallery

Elizabeth Cummings’ art production has spanned around four decades and the ANU Drill Hall Gallery has pulled together a retrospective or her work with examples drawn from each of those decades. Her major forte is abstract landscapes which tell remarkable stories through colour and shape. Often with knowledge of the area I was struck how strongly she got the area well.

Within the collection there are scattered examples of other styles that demonstrate her wide ranging skills and styles. It is not my favourite style of art but the scale of her production and the richness of the colours and textures gave me an admiration for her work.

Some of the most fascinating elements of the exhibition are a few scattered pottery sculptures. Three dimensional scenes show great skills and creativity.

Sample pictures below

img_20170218_114006 img_20170218_114131 img_20170218_114323 img_20170218_114611 img_20170218_114844 img_20170218_115018 img_20170218_115227 img_20170218_115621 img_20170218_115722

Dianne Fogwell – Renascent @ Beaver Gallery

16 Feb 9 Mar 2017

The exhibition of Dianne Fogwell’s  work at the Beaver Galleries is marked by a certain elegance. Her works weave birds, trees and some other elements into often three colour prints that have an almost Japanese elegance to them. Some of the prints are more mixed in content and embrace a rich brighter palette of colours  I love the intricate detail of her work that produces a simple final product.

Pictures and gallery material below:

img_20170218_104137 img_20170218_104159 img_20170218_104222 img_20170218_104231 img_20170218_104336 img_20170218_104459 img_20170218_104505imag0016 imag0017 imag0018 imag0019 imag0023 imag0024

Andrew Baldwin – Impermanence @ Beaver Gallery

16 Feb -5 March 2017

Andrew Baldwin’s glass creations are beautiful, coloured and have a high class look to them. Each of the items has line designs woven into the glass in a way that leaves a clear glass area on each side of the item. They are intriguing due to the off set intersections of the lines and the transparent spaces. The objects are sometimes functional such as vases and others are pure ornaments. The set is colourful and invites the eye to explore the design and technique of the creator.

Pictures and gallery sheets below.

img_20170218_104614 img_20170218_104624 img_20170218_104649 img_20170218_104721 img_20170218_104743 img_20170218_104748

imag0020 imag0021 imag0022 imag0025