Women, Light the Way @ Watson Arts Centre

23 March – 9 April

This exhibition is both an explosion of colour combined with works of minimal colour and greatest artistry. The all female artists have put up works created from fabric, encaustic, paint and other media.

From the images below you can see landscapes, patterns, handicrafts and needlepoint.

Planetary Gardening @Photoaccess

3-26 March 2017

Some photography is truly memorable and this show was one such event. These photos celebrate nature in photographs in all its mystery, movement and miniature detail combined with a flair for the visually exciting. there are patterns, excitement and a sense of adventure.  One set uses plants to represent major corporations.

I have included a few of the snaps below for your pleasure.

Hedar Abadi – Save Our Fish From Drowning @ Casula Powerhouse

18-2-2017 – 23-04-2017

The gallery sheet below explains the background of this exhibition and the artist. What you see in the gallery is a spectacular set of images that engage from the outset..There is an integration of human, fish and other forms in flowing interconnections represented through rich vibrant and liquid colours.

There are erotic elements, there  are ugly social commentary parts and there is humour. I reveled in this gallery full of thirty four remarkable creations. He has a remarkable gift and the pictures below gives you a sense of the style and content.

Pics and website



Another day in Paradise – Myuran Sukumaran @ Campbelltown Arts Centre

13 Jan – 26 March 2017

In the time before his execution, mentored by among others the Australian painter Ben Quilty Myurun Sukumaran deeloped a remarkable gift of painting. In collaboration with his family and exhibition of his remarkable works is on display at the Campbelltown Arts Centre right now. The works are remarkable. They engage with his experiences and his take on the world around him. The paintings include some of family and friends and also politicians. Some of the more confronting images include a bullet and a painting on a large white wall of the weapon that was ultimately used to kill him.

He clearly had a talent but more than that this exhibition confronts the viewer with the death penalty, the war on drugs, politics, culture and hope of all things.

The works are accompanied by responses to Sukumaran’s work from six other artists and several of those are remarkable also. I truly wanted to see this and it was everything I hoped it was,

Some selected images below. The gallery has a full catalogue available with the exhibition


Sparking life – Anna O’Neale @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

2 Mar – 1 April 2017

Anne Maree O’Neale has surprisingly created an almost warm fuzzy feeling in her works that are made of assemblages of old metal bike parts and other found materials occasionally combined with fur.

The creature like creations are all unique and range from the distorted to the almost lovable. Some are petite and almost frail looking and others are tough and substantial. All have this engaging thing about them that has your attention constantly moving from the materials and the composite parts to the remarkable final product.

See below

Blaze 10 @ Canberra Contemporary Arts Space Braddon

The annual Blaze exhibition at Canberra Contemporary Arts Space has a fabulous collection of works again. The pics below show you the wonderful range and the website link gives the backgound info.


Tom Buckland – Contact Light @ Canberra Contemporary Arts Space

The Blurb for this exhibition on the website is as follows:

Fueled by a lifetime fascination with manned spaceflight and frustrated with Australia’s lack of a space program, sculptor Tom Buckland has developed his own DIY backyard space expedition agency. Contact Light chronicles Tom’s homemade space odyssey into the unknown, displaying hand-made equipment, artefacts, spacecraft and spacesuits to recount a fictional journey into the unknown.

Pictures of the exhibition

Wildwood – Sally Mumford @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

The latest exhibition at the Tuggerenong Arts Centre has a wonderful Australian bush feel to all its elements. There are heaps of works that exude bush beauty.

The Australian bush is a tough environment yet Sally Mumford evokes a sense of delicateness in her bush inspired works in the exhibition titled Wildwood at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre. Her work ranges from beautiful tree inspired printed fabrics draped from the ceiling to layouts of beautiful timber related found bush objects and spanning some delicately rendered leaf and more abstract elements of our bush landscape.

Pics below and gallery materials


Next 2017 @ Casula Powerhouse

18 Feb -23 April 2017

Liverpool high schools combine each year to exhibit high quality art from their students in a show at  Casula Powerhouse. i have seen previous shows but I am convinced that this one is the best I have seen. The skills and the exciting creativity on show is marvelous.

Many of the schools have student populations that draw from many migrant communities and this fact enriches the subject matter and styles on show. There are religious and cultural elements all through the exhibition and a remarkable level of insight and sensitivity expressed.

Have a look at the examples I have put below. I was rapt.



Transitions – Kate and Keith Bender @ Form Studio and Gallery

22 February  – 14 March 2017

It is always a treat to talk to artists about their work and Kate and Keith Bender were at Form today when we arrived. It was great to talk with Keith about his family background and its influence on him getting into art centred around metal and cutting and welding.

The exhibition has the brilliant vibrantly coloured works by Kate that almost radiate into the space and a set of maquettes by Keith. The contrast between the two approaches makes for a delightful exhibition.

Sample pics website and gallery stuff below.

img_20170225_105027 img_20170225_105055 img_20170225_105104 img_20170225_105114 img_20170225_105144 img_20170225_105159 img_20170225_105207img_20170225_105016 img_20170225_105021 img_20170225_105215 img_20170225_105219