Tom Rowney and Zeljko Markov @ Canberra Glassworks

Collaborations across artists working in different materials are always stimulating. A master glass-worker and an excellent craftsman in wood have works on display in the one exhibition at the Canberra Glass-works.

Tom Rowney makes beautiful glass items that have remarkable lined internal decorations woven into the fabric of the glass.

Zeljko Markov makes blocky creations of varied coloured timber and he has accompanied them with lined prints.

Alex Asch – Strange Couplings @ Beaver Galleries

Alex Asch creates wonderful works out of re-purposed materials. In all his art he finds timber and other artifacts that he then weaves together to make some further intriguing objects . The latest exhibition mounted at Beaver Galleries has hangable objects that are all painted a generally flat black. These objects are made out of musical instruments elegant hair-combs and lots of other timber objects. The resulting works are almost like idols or gods. Hung together they are a remarkably striking set.

See some examples below

Ella Whateley – Breathing Space @ M16 Artspace

13-30 April 2017

Ella Whateley has exhibited a single painting of varied coloured vertical stripes in the space normally allocated to video creations. Her painting is interestingly lit from behind but the canvas is not translucent so the effect is basically a halo effect. There are religious meditation aspects in the construction at the back. The picture and the gallery material is below.


Pipilotti Rist – Worry will vanish revelation @ National Gallery of Australia

11 March 20 – August 2017

Video installations are often fascinating and some engage in rich ways. There are two vivid free flowing abstract videos on two wall sized screens accompanied by an invitation to lie on the floor to watch it all unfold. The images are abstract and nature based free flowing images have an almost psychedelic light show aesthetic about them except that the images are much crisper and have more recongisable content.

Below is the web link to the NGA page for this exhibition:





Emilio Cresciani – Face 2 Face @ Photoaccess

There are wonderful layered activities in the world of photography and Emilio Cresciani has created a lovely set of layered pictures in which there is face and sets of images overlaid that can tell a story linked to the face

My pics were produced on the phone but they were on some sort of filter that made them look like beige where are they were actually a vivid blue.

Below are some sample pics

Phillip Alldis – New work @ M16 Artspace

13-30 April 2017

There are artists that have a most distinctive look and Phillip Alldis is one such artist. This show is a beautiful set of woven images of layers overlaid in lots of interesting shapes and styles. Alldis works in charcoal and his choices of people and lettering gets his viewers to try to work out visual puzzles of overlaid images. Intriguing and beautiful images.

Pictures and gallery material below

National Photographic Portrait Prize @ National Portrait Gallery

Prizes are problematic. The exhibition of the National Photographic Portrait Prize is the result of a judging panel of three, assessing a large collection of submissions of photographic portraits.This year their decision is one of the most baffling in all the years I have attended the exhibition.

We only see the shortlisted ones but within the exhibition there are dozen’s of photographs that eclipse the bland ordinary snap that has been nominated as the winning picture. Within the exhibition there are truly rich faces, bodies, relationships and contexts that are represented in complex inter-relationships with each other that engage the viewer with their detail and content.

I have placed some of the better examples below in phone pic.

The following link has the judges and the prize winners listed .