The Elm Forest – Janet Angus and Fairlie Pearce @ M16 Artspace

25 May – 11 June 2017

The art of Janet Angus and Fairlie Pearce celibrate nature and people.The animals and birds are beautiful. The works are in three dimensional cut outs and on paper. The impression they leave is one of love for nature. Sample pictures below.

The 2017 Hindmarsh Prize @ Fitters Workshop Kingston

10-18 June 2017

The second year of the Hindmarsh Prize exhibition was held mid June at the Fitters Workshop at Kingston. There were 20 gorgeous artworks in glass created by creatives with huge capacities to produce beautiful items. An exhibition like this has a special attraction in the showcasing of such a rich range of styles and technical mastery.

There are pics below and a gallery sheet.


The Chandelier Show @ Canberra Glassworks

8 June – 6 August 2017

The Canberra Glassworks has impressed me since they opened with their innovative approach to exhibitions both in style, content and collaboration. The current exhibition brings together seven great artists and skillful glass workers to express themselves through an antique artform – the chandelier.

So you walk through the gallery that is lit by seven fabulous reinterpretations of the traditional chandelier all glittering with light and creativity.

Pics and gallery sheet below.

Bird Life @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

1 June – 1 July 2017

The blurb for this exhibition reads Bird Life is a curated group exhibition exploring the human connection to birds, and how they capture our imagination. It features works by Byrd, Rachel Bolton, Dianna Budd, Carol Cooke, Linda Davy, Steven Holland, Zinia King and Michael Norris. The exhibition is curated by Narelle Phillips.

These artists put together a great range of styles and and materials all used to convey the variety and beauty of birds in their various environments.

Pics and gallery sheet below.

300 Covers: Art Monthly in Australia 1987-2017 @ ANU School of Art Foyer Gallery

7-17 June 2017

In the foyer Gallery at the ANU School of art there was a short term exhibition that featured prints of 300 Covers over 30 years from the Art Monthly magazine. These three hundred covers are a visual insight to changes and influences in Australian art in three decades.

Within the covers are lots of great artists and schools of arts. The very layout of the covers change over time and reflect all the changes in visual styles in the concerned decades.

Below are some pics and gallery materials.

Naturally Yours @ ANU School of Art Gallery

16 June – 15 July 2017

Naturally yours is an exhibition of artists who are working at the university with environmental issues. Sixteen early career artists have contributed works to this exhibition. Some of the inclusions surprised me in this description.

The pics and gallery materials are below.


Nicola Ayliffe – Studio Glass @ Beaver Galleries

8 – 25 June 2017

Nicola Ayliffe creates beautiful objects. Her glass gleams and draws you in through its glossy surfaces and lense like crystal clarity and fine coloured designs that weave through the insides of these gorgeous creations.

Pictures and gallery materials below.

Bruno Leti – The painterly print @ Beaver Galleries

8 – 25 June 2017

Monotypes are a special type of print that are close to a painting. Leti is an internationally famous abstract artist. This show had a great set of subtly coloured works many of which  have a geometric approach.The styles vary and they range from almost chaotic layouts to highly structured ones.

Some pics below and the gallery notes



2017 Student / Teacher Exhibition @ Watson Arts Centre

22 June – 9 July 2017

Often art exhibitions are a display of highly developed creative skill and innovation. Some are retrospectives and others are displays of beginners’ work. The magic of the current exhibition in the Watson Arts Centre is the fact that they have integrated the work of experts with that of beginners. In the one exhibition there are items made by children and beginner adults side by side with highly refined work by creatives with decades of expertise.

The other side of this exhibition is that some potters believe in smooth highly refined product and other mature producers believe in lightly worked and rough works. The result is a hundred works that range from thimble sized to large pot sized creations.

Pics below with gallery material.