Be – Live in the City @ Customs House Sydney

The Customs House Library has a policy of holding exhibitions on their walls and in the foyer. The recent one is titled Be. It is a wonderful set of photographs of people in the city of Sydney enjoying every day experiences. The photos have been taken in black and white and are accompanied by generous relevant text. The experiences and range of people represented are diverse and the overall impression is one of a complex community.

Some sample pics are below with gallery material.

Art Park Sculpture – Sculpture in the City 2017 @ Deutche Bank Building Sydney

It is a treat to see great sculpture embedded in the city. Over the years the Art Park people have used many powerful locations to display contemporary metal sculpture. This year I encountered their exhibited works in the open space and the foyer beneath the Deutche Bank Building in Sydney.

Metal sculpture can be cold and clinical but lots of it is fun and stimulating. In the over 30 works on display. there is colour, there softness in surface finishes and there is marvelous adventurousness in many styles.

Below are a collection of the works with some gallery material.

Emerging Contemporaries @ CraftACT

A recent exhibition at Craft ACT was an explosion of gorgeous creativity and craft skill. All participants are classed as emerging but none of them are inexperienced in bringing to exhibition remarkable works of art. The range of materials used was wonderful and the integration of different materials into the same work was impressive. Sample pictures and gallery materials are included below.

Christian Hall – Next @ Craft ACT

26 May – 21 July 2016

A recent exhibition at Craft exhibition featured the extraordinary metal art of Christian Hall. The works included furniture, jjewellery light fittings and other useful objects. The metal is exquisitely cut and designed and draws the eye to empty space and gorgeous geometry. The sample pics and gallery material are below

Borrow Tomorrow – Luke Chigwell @ Nishi Gallery

7 April – 7 May 2017

Luke Chigwell exhibited a set of gorgeous works at Nishi in April. They included glass creations and were all abstract explorations of issues Luke is interested in currently.interested. Some samples and the gallery sheet are below.

Three Poisons – CntrlAltDel @ Front Gallery and Cafe Lyneham ACT

15-25 Feb 2017

In February at a the Front Gallery and Cafe at Lyneham shops there were a set of artworks created by the artist.CntrlAltDel. They were big bright and almost mythical in content. I am putting them up for my own records but it was at the time a fabulous exhibition.

Escape from Pompei @ Australian National Maritime Museum

Historical blockbusters are things I stand in awe of. I love the curation. I love the presence of ancient objects. I love the maps, the quotes, the carvings and the historical backgrounds of materials I have a vague familiarity with.

The big Pompei exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum was a rich education for me. I have taught this topic to year 7 but this exhibition created a deep new understanding from the brief eight minute recreation of the 24 hours that destroyed Pompei. The curators have woven a story of the historical context, the aftermath and the significance. The details, the objects and layout tell a fascinating story and I was enriched by the visit.

See some of the pics below.

Claire Jackson – This is not a place @ Megalo Studio and Gallery

1-22 July 2017

Claire Jackson exhibited a great set of clipped frosted urban prints at Megalo in July. I love the focus of these prints. By clipping part of an urban landscape and turning it into a print the viewer gets a sense of familiarity even though the actual print is new. I have included a set of pics below..

Changes @ Watson Arts Centre

13-30 July 2017

Steve Roper, Robyn Campbell, Lesley Lebkowicz, Anne Langridge and Georgina Bryant have cooperated with each other to put on an exhibition of paint, pottery, glass and clay at the Watson Arts Centre in July

These creatives show the use of lots of media to express themselves and the room is full of experiment and beauty. There are some examples and a gallery sheet below.