Next Generation Solomon Islands after RAMSI – Sean Davey @ Huw Davies Gallery Photoaccess

17 August – 10 September 2017

Sean Davey has taken and is exhibiting photographs of the Solomon Islands at the point that the Regional Assistance Mission in  Solomon Islands (RAMSI) was finishing its work. The photos mix large black and white and smaller coloured takes on various parts of life in Solomon Islands.The pictures look into aspects of traditional culture and rural activities.

Some pictures and gallery materials are attached below

Flights of Fancy – Gillian Wilde @ Belconnen Arts Centre

26 Aug – 17 Sept 2017

The artworks of Gillian Wilde in this exhibition feature birds. The birds that are featured are not twee pretty forms but ragged. She has linked the artworks of birds to her sense of history and place through her artist statement on the gallery sheet below.

The pics and galley sheet below give a sense of what she has created.


Dirkswirks – Dirk Lejeune @ Australian National Botanical Gardens

I love the creations of Dirk Lejeune. The gallery at the visitors centre at the Australian National Botanical Gardens is decorated this week with timber shaped into trees and various natural and abstract patterns. Lejeune uses sawn branches of many types of timber that he lays at various angles and in patterns with a timber like backgrounds.

They are beautiful, they are intriguing and they display a creativity and clever use of wood to bring about some wonderful images. Pictures and gallery materials are below.

Poetry and Place – Dianne Firth @ Belconnen Arts Centre

26 Aug – 17 Sept 2017

This exhibition has integrated fine Canberra focused artworks of Dianne Firth with matching poetry that illustrates and illuminates both Canberra and the artworks Ms Firth has created. The artworks are layered with fabric built on netting and many of them are views of the Canberra landscape seen through the trees that are all over our landscape.

Below are some samples of the art, the poems and the gallery sheet and prices.





Amandeep Kuar -Liminal Spaces @ M16 Artspace

6-23 July 2017

Through the means of photo montages Amandeep Kuar creates remarkable thought provoking considerations of how spaces interact. Each of these works integrates pieces of scenes that are not usually seen together but the results are special.

Below are some samples and the gallery sheet.

Empire Arts Award @ Tuggeranong Arts Centre

The Tuggeranong Arts Centre is hosting the exhibition of the Finalists in the Empire Global Art Award. The works are varied and demonstrate a delightful creativity in choice and types of art included. The subject material reflects the Centre’s 2017 year focus on animals. The artists have taken interesting approaches to their topics including animals in groups and parts and in lots locations.

I have included a set of pictures below to illustrate the range on show along with some gallery ephemera..

Seeing the centre – The art of Albert Namatjira 1902–1959 @ National Gallery of Australia

Albert Namatjira prints were on the walls of several of my relatives homes during my childhood. His takes on the Australian bush shaped my sense of what the bush looked like. The National Gallery has a great exhibition of maybe 50 classic examples of the artist’s paintings of the centre of Australia. It is a real treat to see all these great works together.

Sample pictures are below


The Structure of Things – Al Munro @ M16 Artspace

17 August – 3 September 2017

Al Munro creates art that evokes the pop art of my youth.These largely two coloured geometric patterns are varied with the addition of translucent non geometric objects in other colours. The patterns are busy and attractive.

Pictures below sample the work.