A Nation Imagined: The Artists of the Picturesque Atlas at National Library of Australia

Landscape painting from NLA page for exhibition

This amazing exhibition finishes this weekend. The roots for this show was a collaboration between the National Library and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. The Picturesque Atlas of Australasia was published between 1986-9 and this exhibition focusses on the artists who contributed to the work. The three principal artists were Julian Ashton, A. Henry Fullwood and Frank Mahony As usual with NLA exhibitions the display is rich with great historical source material and great information from the curatorial staff. The NLA is the only institution I know of in Australia that prohibits use of cameras in their exhibitions. I do not remember any material in this display younger than 100 years old which is puzzling.

This is a link to the documents that are available on Trove if you do not get into the Library this weekend.


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