Transformation – Megalo Members Exhibition 2021

Fenja T Ringl Snow Gum in Spring At Megalo Gallery

One of my favourite galleries in Canberra is the Megalo Gallery. It has small shows of the most remarkable variety of the diverse product of the printer’s art. This one consists of a single work from each of 28 of the artists working connected with the Megalo Studio. The content and complexity of these works are thought provoking,

The show is on till December 11. The studio and gallery website is

Black and White Edges – Alana Ford at M16 Artspace

Kurt Cobain by Alana Ford at M16 Artspace

Fourteen black and white paintings ranging from the portrait style of Kurt Cobain above to fully abstract images form the exhibition by Alana Ford on at M16 Artspace over this weekend. This is the weekend of the reopening of M16 Artspace

Website for M16 Artspace is

TESTAMUR from Canberra Art Workshop at M16 Artspace

Three of the works part of the TESTAMUR exhibition

For three days after lock up Gallery 2 at the M16 Artspace is host to the annual show of the Canberra Art Workshop (CAW). This group is located at the M16 studios and includes a broad range of artist from novices to long term practicioners. There is a big range of styles and quality in this show.

The website for M16 is:

Shoreline – Desmond-Jones household

Shoreline is an exhibition of various styles of art created by four members of the Desmond-Jones household. The four artists cover drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and other art forms. The household has collaborated to create works that explore the intersection between sea and land along the shoreline. This exhibition is only on for this weekend as a new show starts next week

The artists are Michael Desmond, Peter Jones, Bryn Desmond-Jones and Ossian Desmond-Jones.

The website for M16 is

Maurice Salzke – Landscape photography in repurposed wood frames at Artists Shed Fyshwick.

Michael Salzke Framed photograph at Artists Shed

Michael Salzke is a retired truck driver. He has two hobbies that he loves. He loves photography and he loves woodwork. Michael has an exhibition at the Artists Shed in Fyshwick that bring his two gifts together. He has printed large copies of his nature photographs and then framed them in handcrafted wooden frames from repurposed wood. Frames have always been an important part of art and Michael has matched nature photos with natural wood frames. It is a beautiful combination

The Artists Shed website is

Allan Burt – Repurposed metal art at the Artists Shed Gallery Fyshwick.

Allan Burt creates artifacts out of salvaged useful metal objects. In the work above Allan has taken basically, bike chain reo and the head of a spanner and created a lizard. In his exhibition at the Artists Shed in Fyshwick he has a big range of fascinating and strangely beautiful works that repurpose identifiable metal objects and parts to produce works of artistry in sculpture.

Graeme Drendel – The first dance @ Beaver Galleries Deakin

The First Dance – Graeme Drendel at Beaver Gallery

The blurb on the gallery sheet includes this – Drendel “…creates intriguing vignettes of people from many walks of life…” They all seem ordinary unremarkable citizens in their everyday. The image above is large and highly priced but draws you into the delicate shyness and discomfort of that moment of the first dance.

Drendel’s work drips with humour as one study is “Study for the unidentified” a person holding up a sheet to hide behind and “The temptress” a view of the naked back of a person holding up a sheet between them and an unseen person. These images are attractive through their portrayal of human fragility and vulnerability. Delightful!

Website for Graeme Drendel:

Website for Beaver Galleries:

Denese Oates – Landscape In Sculpture at Beaver Galleries Deakin

Sugarloaf Tree Denese Oates in Beaver Gallery

I have seen heaps of the brilliant sculptures Denese Oates works in metal. From delicate weeping vegetation to stunning representation of regrowth vegetation she is the master of her craft, This exhibition demonstrates the scope of her skill and creativity in using copper, silver solder and her creatively engineered patinas. If you have not seen much art over the last few months this will be a great start. We booked in when the cap was two but I am sure the limits are up now. Well worth the visit Images do not do her work justice

The Beaver Galleries Website:

Home page for Denese Oates creations: