Transformation – Members Exhibition 2021 at CraftACT

Upholstered storage box with printed fabric at Craft ACT

One of the truly great annual exhibitions in Canberra is the Members Exhibition at Craft ACT. The members submit a piece or two to the exhibition and auction. CraftACT is a local collective of creatives who all seem to aspire to leadership in their various craft disciplines. Some craft skills I do not understand and some I like little but in this show you never see anything that is not worthy of exhibition.

Glass, furniture, fabrics, pottery, sculpture, metal, jewellery and other craft styles abound and demonstrate the creative potential of each approach.Most objects seem to be available for purchase If you have not seen this display it is only on till Tuesday December 14 2021 – It is well worth the visit.

CraftACT website:

Graeme Base – Other Worlds – Exploring the Universe at Belconnen Arts Centre

Image from Belcoarts website from the book.

Delayed by Covid 19 the exhibition of some work in the creative world of Graeme Base is now open at Belconnen Arts Centre. Base has a legendary forte in the field of visually rich large format highly illustrated books. The books are a global phenomenon and this exhibition focuses mainly on the work called The Worst Band in the Universe. An exhibition of Base’s work would be enormous so the curators of this exhibition use one book to give an insight into his world.

The exhibition takes you through the process of creation. There are thin pencil sketches of fantastic creatures and worlds, there are mocked up pages to envision text and image lay out. There are rich colour images that made it into the final book. There are foreign language versions of the book. This relatively small exhibition shines a bright light on what I see as the genius of Graeme Base and his world.

I love his work and I thoroughly enjoyed this insight into his work. There are QR codes in the space with interviews and other materials. There are events conducted to expand our understanding of this creative man and happily the exhibition is on till Sunday February 6 2022.

Exhibtion link

Graeme Base Website

Kerry McInnis – Terraform at Nancy Sever Gallery Canberra City

The exhibition now on at Nancy Sever is by Kerry McInnis. The paintings have lots of texture and present a rough representation of big Australian landscapes. There are coastlines, mountains and river valleys that are shown in all their muscular tough look. The exhibition goes to December 5 2021. Links of various sorts below get you to more detail.


Exhibition Link:

Artist website:

18 artists – Plate Show – Just Desert

Collectable domestic plates are a phenomena in vast numbers of nations and cultures. This exhibition features fifty six samples of the art by eighteen artists in a delightful range of styles. Some are amusing some are simple and many are works of art on a plate. Fun to see this art form being fostered through M16 Artspace.


Eve Van Gorsel, Manuel Pfeiffer – Congruent – Incongruent at M16 Artspace

Finishing on Sunday November 21 2021 this exhibition matches two artists cooperating in seeking to illustrate our human wrestling with congruence and incongruence. The artists lay out small works that have the viewer work between images that have some similarities and differences. The impression is that we the viewers have puzzles to work with. It is a beautiful and complex set of creations. Eva works to Congruence and Manuel works on Incongruence.


Mark Mohel, Macdonald Nichols, and Peter Raynard – Plein Air – High Plain at M16 Artspace

This exhibition ends on Sunday November 21 2021 but I mention it here for history. These three photographers have created a wonderful set of black and white photographs of large scale landscapes. From Canberra thee look local as they were all shot o the Monaro plains between Canberra and Cooma.


Sammy Hawker – Experiments in Living (Melt) at Photoaccess at Manuka ACT

Hawker’s images in this exhibition are reflective of gloomy times and have that visual tone. I liked the fact that their layered look required careful investigation of the image and left you with questions. Part of the blurb reads” “Responding to the diverse meanings of ‘melt’, the artist presents a sequence of works embodying the tumultuous disruptions – personal, environmental, global – of recent months. Reflecting on experiences of vulnerability, anxiety and loss, Hawker proposes that such experiences open up possibilities for new practices of love and care.” This exhibition is in the gallery till Saturday 27 November 2021 and links below get you into Hawker’s work and the online supplements to the gallery exhibtion


Artist’s website:

Exhibition link

Eunie Kim – A Surface Appearance at Photoaccess at Manuka ACT

This set of pictures recreate an aesthetic of some aspects of early black and white photography by means of a series of dark room processes. They are attractive in their antique look. Eunie Kim is a Canberra-based emerging visual artist and recipient of the 2021 Wide Angle Residency. They are on the walls till Saturday November 27 2021 and are supported by great online gallery pictures and information. Links below.


Artist Website:

Exhibition Link:

Caroline Huf – Light Materials at Photoaccess at Manuka ACT

Film Costume used in artworks by Caroline Huf

This exhibition is in the separate room and features videos and objects involved in the videos including a costume woven out from old style 16mm film. The exhibition flows from Huf’s participation in the Photoaccess 2021 Dark Matter residency. The blurb opens with the following:

In a series of video works deconstructing and recombining film materials through a process of digital or analogue weaving, Huf explores the exhaustion and re-invention of settler Australian myths about the mystery and threat of the bush.  There are some web links below and the exhibition is on till Saturday November 27 2021


Exhibition Link:

Residency news link:

Aloisia Cudmore 398 at Photoaccess at Manuka ACT

“Through a series of touching and personal black and white images, Cudmore explores her experience as a young person in the age of COVID.” That was the first sentence in the blurb and it speaks to this set of ten touching images of life in a pandemic through the eyes of a young photographer. The images are beautiful and are for sale for $180 each. Three web links are below. The exhibition is on till Saturday November 27 2021


Exhibition page:

Artists’ website: