For over a decade I have visited art galleries and museums indulging my love of all things creative and beautiful. On average I see an exhibition a day. The diversity of human creativity seems inexhaustible.

Most of what I see is where I live in Canberra, but sometimes I venture beyond that. This blog will attempt to share information and observations about what I see. I am not an artist so I will occasionally link to people who are or quote from gallery or artist materials.

This is not a photography blog. The images I use will mainly be taken on my phone to refer you to the real thing in the galleries.

Stephen Randall

12 thoughts on “About

    • Hello Stephen, I think you have made a mistake with the review you posted for my exhibition mirage-desert forms and images. You have posted a review for an exhibition at Campbeltown art gallery under my title and with my images!

  1. Hi Stephen

    Your awesome response to my exhibition at M16 – Black Rain on a White Wall – Remember Hiroshima, has just been drawn to my attention. I’m extremely grateful for your post. I remember chatting with you about the exhibition and thinking that you had instantly connected with my work and appreciated its intent and execution. It’s very heartening to meet people such as yourself.

    Many thanks

    Keith Bailey

  2. Hi Stephen. Thank you for the kind words and highlighting my work in the exhibition The Road to Wollongong @ Wollongong City Gallery. Regards Riste Andrievski

  3. Hi Stephen , as you have reviewed my work in the past just wondering if you were interested in looking at a current and upcoming show I have that are listed on my website Thanks Frances

  4. Greetings Stephen,

    April 2014 article on solo exhibition titled “FONOFALE”..showcase at the Wyndham Art Gallery, thank you for the write up, really appreciate it! On your article you titled as ‘Fonovale’ typo.

  5. Hi Stephen,
    Believe it or not, I only just found your review of my exhibition in 2013!!!
    Thank you soooo much for the sensitive, detailed and encouraging comment!!!
    I just finished within a small-group exhibition at M16 called “Trees like Humans”, deliberately ambiguous. So yes, I am still alive and kicking.
    Would you like to see some new pix? Unfortunately the website is malfunctioning atm.

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