The Art of the Gija People @ Nancy Sever Gallery

10 May – 4 June 2017

The exhibition schedule at the Nancy Sever Gallery includes a wonderful number of indigenous art shows. In May the art of the GIja People was on display. The selection of works was beautiful and the traditional vibe was everywhere. Sample pics and gallery materials are below.

Mono and more – Ilona Lasmanis, Robyn McAdam and Steve Tomlin @ Belconnen Arts Centre

6-28 May 2017

In May there were a gorgeous exhibition in Belconnen featuring three artists with diverse styles. Abstract, collage, landscape feature in these works but the technical skills are almost unseen in these phone pics below. The gallery sheet is below.


Cat Mueller – Nonstop! @ ANCA Gallery

17 May – 4 June 2017

If you ever want to see vibrant colour and rich contrast in abstract works of art Cat Mueller is the place to go. Her last exhibition I saw at Manuka was of small dotted almost seventies day glow style paintings.

This exhibition is of large almost graffiti style works made of vibrant lines made with the use of airbrushes and sets of contrasting backgrounds. The room is an explosion of colour and excitement on large canvasses.

Sample artworks and gallery materials are below.

Andrea McCuaig – Selected works @ Form Studio and Gallery

May 31 – June 19 2017

Large, sweeping, dance inspired abstractions are what Andrea McCuaig has on exhibition at the Form Gallery at Queanbeyan. Her works are sometimes in black and white tones and others are full of explosive reds and oranges.

Some sample pics and gallery materials are below.


Labyrinths of the mind – Sholto Morton @ M16 Artspace

25 May – 11 June 2017

In chatting with Sholto Morton at the opening I got an insight into his approach in creating his rich tapestries of painted intricassy. Standing in front of these the mind goes from thoughts of Persian carpets to Hindu tapestries but those references are not the same as these complex intriguing works of careful construction and beautiful choices of colour.

Some pics below (Do not do these works justice) and gallery materials

James Rowell – The Age of meaninglessness… @ M16 Artspace

28 May – 11 June 2016

The age of meaninglessness has ended – Art, Empirical and Ideal is the title of the exhibition of work by James Rowell at M16 Artspace. The works are a set of texture rich small paintings mainly in colour pairs that combine vibrant colour with occasional bands of stenciled words inbedded in the paint surface.

There is gallery material and sample pics below.

The age of meaninglessness has ended, Art, Empirical and Ideal

2017 Outdoor Sculpture Festival @ Canberra Grammar School

16 May – 18 June 2017

In the tradition of of Sculptures in the Paddock the Canberra Grammar School is hosting an exhibition of about 50 sculptures in their elegantly laid out grounds. I love sculpture especially when it is laid out in relatively close proximity to other works.

The materials include metal, stone, fabric and rope. The range of works are marvelous – some are interactive but most are no touch. There are a gorgeous set of rushing horses in the courtyard. A set of reworked 44 gallon drums with a gorgeous explanation of the transformation was one of the highlights for me. Some were traditional hard metal and fairly rigid, some were soft and fabric based and others were rich in novelty and fun.

Below are some pics and some gallery materials.