Let me imagine you – Andrew Tenison @ Huw Davies Gallery Photoaccess

27 July – 13 Aug 2017

Andrew Tenison created a striking set of black and white photos that respond to a WW2 negative he had found. The photographs are quite personal in the start black and white recreations that have a distinctively 40s vibe about the.

Samples and gallery materials below.

Count us together – Images of the 1967 Referendum @ Customs House Sydney

20 May – 30 July 2017

For a couple of months the Customs House in Sydney had an exhibition and display of materials from the campaign connected with the 1967 referendum to turn the status of the Indigenous population of Australia into a more recognised reality acknowledged within modern Australia. The Referendum was one of the few in which the voters approved a change. Below are samples of the materials and the brochure issued with the exhibition.

Lustre – Pearling and Australia @ Australian National Maritime Museum

13 Feb = 13 Aug 2017

A great exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum recently has been one dealing with the pearling industry. It is an appropriate venue for this sort of historical reflection. The gallery is full of great text and fabulous artifacts that cover the range and the history of this industry. I loved the abundance of artifacts made with different levels of artistry from mother of pearl. The object I was most impressed with was the pearly king coat decoratively festooned with buttons of mother of pearl. The Steve Winwood song of the pearly queen rang through my head.

This is a temporary exhibition but is a classy example of the great historical work being done at the ANMM to record and educate us about our maritime and coastal history.

Pics and  web page link below


Gough Whitlam In his own Century @ National Archives of Australia

Many people my age have an almost idolatrous view of Gough Whitlam. I admit to being in that group. The National Archives of Australia is currently hosting and exhibition on the life of the great man that covers in lots of text and pictures a clear survey of his life from birth till death. Don’t pop in if you want to do it quickly. The Whitlam Centre has put together lots of good text panels and some wonderful pictures. This exhibition seemed wonderfully appropriate to be housed at the Archives.

Some sample pics below


They blew up the hospital I was born In – Dean Cross @ Photoaccess

22 June – 16 July 2017

Some exhibitions make a remarkable point with few objects. Dean Cross memorialised the demolition of the Canberra Hospital with basically four objects – one was a door covered with stickers another another was a collection of steel reinforcing rods and there were an antique set of upholstered chairs. The starkness of the objects drew you into the destruction.

Pics and gallery sheet below

Indigenous Triennial Art Exhibition @ National Gallery of Australia

Till Sept 20th 2017

Plan to take a few hours or several visits if you want to take in this exhibition. The range and complexity of the works on show means it takes lots of time to engage with the abundant creativity.

There were grand explorations of traditional.arts from both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sources. They are joined to huge numbers or works of modern and technological styles of creations.

In the entry way to the NGA is a Rolls Royce painted in tradition art style. In the exhibition is a video of the artist driving that car and that activity brings together lots of remarkable visual traditional elements. The driver turns into a large area of red dust and by driving in various circles at high speed he digs up the red dirt creating patterns and a vast amount of red dust. The beauty and layered elements of the video production and were wonderful.

I will go back as we only had 90 minutes today. The exhibition is hard as it traverses complex territory of history, political comment, layered cultural interaction and many aspects of the underbelly of human society. I have included a few pics below but the only sensible thing to do with this exhibition is to go – it is free.


The Opening Day 9 May 1927 @ Museum of Australian Democracy Canberra

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the event Old Parliament House has a walk around exhibition to recall the people and events of the day when it was opened. As with all good exhibitions of this style the detail is precise and multi sourced. The photos come from the famous and the humble and are taken of a diverse citizens and indigenous non citizens and foreign and local significant individuals.

It is not over done but it does a great job of recording the day back in an era in which there was not a million selfies on line to choose from.

Flyers and pics below.