Fisher’s Ghost Art Award at Campbelltown Art Centre

Above is a sample of art participating in this year’s Fisher’s Ghost Art Award at the Campbelltown Arts Centre. The award is a wide ranging award with sections from primary and secondary schools through to a collection of adult categories from Contemporary to traditional. While most of the entries are on the wall, there are a group of sculptures in the space.

I love an exhibition like this in that it gives the visitor to the gallery a sense of the diverse range of talents and skill sets that are present in the art community. The dates for this exhibition are Saturday 26 October – Thursday 5 December 2021 – Access to the gallery is via QR code check in and showing of the double vax certificate from Medicare.

Campbelltown Arts Centre websitefor the exhibition is as follows. Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Art Centre,

Heart Strong – Six locally based Indigenous women artists at Belconnen Arts Centre

Natasha Best – Wildflower Dreaming

This colourful exhibition features the work of six indigenous women living in Ngunnawal Country (Canberra area). Most of the creations have a distinctive indigenous style using abundant dots and traditional motifs. Some of the artists have taken on almost luminous or day glo look to their works but have maintained a vivid traditional styles. The artists are Natasha Best, Leah Brideson, Megan Daley, Kayannie Denigan, Krystal Hurst and Kristie Peters.The overall look of the eshibition is visually exciting. Most of the works are for sale from $230 to $6,500 from the shop.

Website: Shop:

Ruth Lane-Poole – A woman of influence at Canberra Museum and Gallery

Photo of one of Ruth’s watercolours illustrating the range of her creative skills

I love the role of curators. This weekend saw the opening of an exhibition devoted to arguably Australia’s first career interior designer – Ruth Lane-Poole. The display is at CMAG because the biggest and most significant contributions she made to Canberra was to design the interiors of the two grand residences of the captial in the 1920s, Government House and the Lodge.

The curator, Margaret Betteridge has pulled together a gorgeous collection of related artefacts to tell the story of two significant buildings set in an era and intertwined with the story of a creative, courageous woman. Lane-Poole was emerging from a creative family to influence the visual elements of interior design in her generation and in many ways each decade since. Betteridge has told the complex tale effectively.

This show has lots of what I love in exhibitions. The artefacts range from a garland with fabric flowers used in Lane-Poole’s wedding through to a two metre carved timber table. The story is fascinating, the layout is easy to following and the intertwining of history with the personal lives of the participants is engaging.

The exhibition is on till Saturday 2nd October 2021

Details on website

Piinpi: Contemporary Indigenous Fashion at National Museum of Australia

Legacy Dress (creators listed with photo on website)

Awesome!!! I saw this in Bendigo last year. I re-looked at my photos when I saw this was closing soon in Canberra. Chills ran through me looking through image after image. This exhibition features clothing that I found it hard to take my eyes off. Colour, texture and construction combine to form objects of visual excitement. Part of the blurb on the website reads:

‘Piinpi’ is an expression that Kanichi Thampanyu (First Nations people from the East Cape York Peninsula) use to describe changes in the landscape across time and space. For many First Nations people across Australia, knowledge of the land and seasons is culturally important. While the number of seasons can vary across many First Nations groups, the exhibition is themed around four widely recognised seasons.

I used one of the images from the website because none of my pictures came close to doing justice to these objects. The beauty of this dress brought me to tears of joy through its combination of so many layers of invention and creativity.

I am going back to the exhibition again this week as it closes on Sunday August 8


Marilou Chagnaud – Papiers Flottants @ ANU School of Art Foyer Gallery

10-21 Oct 2017

Some exhibitions are small but of a class that is quite memorable, The work of Marilou Chagnaud at the ANU School of Art Foyer Gallery are remarkable. There are five geometric designs in black and white that almost move as you walk by. There is a timber frame that is hung with wonderful curved line prints on white paper hanging in rows. When you move the frame a bit the sheets move in a way that looks like wonderful ocean wave. There is a folded set of curved lined sheets woven into a spring loaded fan on the floor. Each of the elements of this exhibition are beautiful.

The web page is below

Jimmy Langer – Retrograde @ Megalo Print Studio and Gallery

29 July – 19 August 2017

Jimmy Langer works in print on paper and print on transparent perspex. Each form involves layered elements that can be swirling abstract or almost tartan like geometric interwoven strong coloured grids.The perspex sheets are playful in that the viewer can get a different sense from any angle you care to view them from

Pics below give you a sense of Langer’s work



Claire Jackson – This is not a place @ Megalo Studio and Gallery

1-22 July 2017

Claire Jackson exhibited a great set of clipped frosted urban prints at Megalo in July. I love the focus of these prints. By clipping part of an urban landscape and turning it into a print the viewer gets a sense of familiarity even though the actual print is new. I have included a set of pics below..

The Darkness Torch – Louisa Giffard @ M16 Artspace

25 May 11 June 2017

Louisa Giffard has an exhibition that demonstrates the big range of styles and skills she has as an artist. There are watercolours, woodblock prints and digital prints on MDF in this exhibition but the styles are delightfully rich in range.

Included in this show is a set of 26 watercolour and ink pictures of the Bremen Town Musicians. They are vivid and sometimes confronting as you might expect of something drawn from a Grim Brothers tale.

Below are some sample pics and the gallery material.

Beyond the blue: Unbroken – Andre Meeks @ Megalo Print and Studio and Gallery

5-27 May 2017

Megalo puts on lots of exhibitions of the creations of its own members. There is an exhibition of the work of Andre Meeks on display this month and it is nothing short of spectacular. Each of the major prints are richly coloured, vibrantly designed spectacular works. I loved each of these gorgeous things.

I have included some sample works and the gallery materials.

Next 2017 @ Casula Powerhouse

18 Feb -23 April 2017

Liverpool high schools combine each year to exhibit high quality art from their students in a show at  Casula Powerhouse. i have seen previous shows but I am convinced that this one is the best I have seen. The skills and the exciting creativity on show is marvelous.

Many of the schools have student populations that draw from many migrant communities and this fact enriches the subject matter and styles on show. There are religious and cultural elements all through the exhibition and a remarkable level of insight and sensitivity expressed.

Have a look at the examples I have put below. I was rapt.