Code X: Contemporary Fine Binding @ Craft ACT

Book binding is is an awesome craft the makes room for remarkable levels of creativity and inventiveness. This exhibition includes colour, material, design and fun styles of papers. Ostrich, kangaroo, crocodile, buffalo, cattle and other skins are used. There are standard books, fold out books and other paper shapes.

I loved walking through this exhibition. The space is rich and tightly displayed with fine examples of great traditional artistry. It was a real feel good experience and I am thankful to Mel George for bringing these artists together to display in Canberra.

Some pics and a gallery sheet below.

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Inga Hanover – NostALGIA @ Wodonga Arts Centre

1-23 July 2016
This was the first time I had ever been in the Wodonga Arts Centre. It is a large single space into which Inga Hanover’s art had been installed.
Inga’s work demonstrated an enthusiasm for diverse elements. In this exhibition there were many children’s arts such as the creation of snow flakes through folding and cutting white paper. There is a large children’s cubby house and there a series of ethereal pictures in which objects have been cut our of one image and installed in another. The pictures and gallery material will show the delightful range of arts included in this exhibition of Wodonga artist Inga Hanover’s art



















From Forest to the Sea – Barbara Dawson and Jo Hollier @ Belconnen Arts Centre

19 Aug – 11 September 2016

The exhibition of the two artists Barbara Dawson and Jo Hollier at the Belconnen Arts Centre is a collaboration between two artists who love nature and have elements of similarity in their practices. The exhibition has an autumnal tone about it through its textures and tones.

The works range from delicate layered paper reations through to fold out books and soft see through fabrics.The pics of this beautiful and the gallery sheet are below.

20160820_112151 20160820_112247 20160820_112259 20160820_112320 20160820_112336 20160820_112424 20160820_112522 20160820_112549 IMAG0009 IMAG0010 IMAG0011 IMAG0012 IMAG0013 IMAG0014

Kyoko Imazu – Storytellers @ Megalo Studio and Gallery

2-23 July 2016

Variety is the strength of the exhibitions at the Megalo Studio and Gallery. This one is  emotionally sensitive and almost has some of that tone of Maurice Sendak. It has a fairytale style in its gentle softness. The weaving of children, animals and nature into the frame is whimsical and induces happiness and unease in different pictures.

The other awesome feature of this exhibition is the display of cut page books and sculptures. Using white and off white card Kyoko Imazu has created a fantasy world byt cutting and layering of scenes to tell a story. Some of these are free standing almost maze looking and others are fold out books. The one I found the most engaging was the layered cut out in which one side of the card was brightly coloured to provide a reflected coloured hue to the scene.  Marvelous and intricate and very fascinating to look at over time.

Sample pics and gallery sheets below

20160716_123620 20160716_123650 20160716_123712 20160716_123753 20160716_124109 20160716_124123 20160716_124156 20160716_124249 IMAG0038 IMAG0039 IMAG0040 IMAG0041 IMAG0042 IMAG0043 IMAG0044 IMAG0045 IMAG0046 IMAG0047


Ex Libris – Celebrating the art of the bookplate @ Megalo print studio and gallery

I rarely miss a Megalo exhibition. The current one reminds me why I have this commitment. The curators have brought together a collection of print makers to create over 100 book drawn to about A6 size. They are beautiful truly beautiful.

I will put a set below to give a sense of these creations but as always there is special awe in the presence of the texture and the small intricacy of these miniature artworks. I loved the Islamic design influenced ones and I loved some of the stark black and white ones.

The creativity of the output of the Megalo gang constantly impresses me.

20160618_112514 20160618_112523 20160618_112552 20160618_112556 20160618_112604 20160618_112650 20160618_112715 20160618_112728 20160618_112757 20160618_112803 IMAG0001 IMAG0002 IMAG0003 IMAG0004

Personal Histories International Artist Book Exhibition @ ADFA Library

Humans are incorrigibly creative. This exhibition is awash with what people can do with books and paper. to tell stories, to embody memories to honour people and to celebrate shared experiences.  The varieties of shapes and sizes and types of models were remarkable. There was breat use of colour, texture, and text to create beautiful story telling objects. My wife has done book binding and it has created a fascination with this type of art because I know the processes and challenges involved. Great skills and great beauty.

20151107_113252 20151107_113302 20151107_113746 20151107_113809 20151107_113857 20151107_113948 20151107_114030 20151107_114123 20151107_114330 20151107_114411 20151107_114618 20151107_120335

ACT Craft Bookbinders Guild Display @ Civic Library

17 Sept 10 Oct 2015
Upstairs at the Civic Library there is a marvelous exhibition of work by the ACT Bookbinders Guild. These remarkable crafts people have created a set of book like constructions that display remarkable artistic ability in choices of fabrics, end papers and structure. There are multi volume sets, concertina fold outs and lots of other art forms bookbinders work up.
Photos below give you a range of the work they do.








Book binding @ ACTPLS Civic Library

Book binding is a delightful art – skills, creativity and attention to detail combine to make useful objects of beauty. The Civic Library has an exhibition of the work of John Tonkin titled Fine. It features a set of books covered in gorgeous papers and cover designs that make you want to pick them up and feel them. (Sadly they are in glass cases.) Below are some pics that are not very effective because they are taken through glass in a room with lots of day light.

20150410_170459 20150410_170530 20150410_170551 20150410_170557 20150410_170606 20150410_170612 20150410_170618