Land and Sea: states of mind – Christine Scott and Meredith Pammenter-Legg @ Form Studio and Gallery

1st – 22nd February 2017

This exhibition is delicate. Both artists do it differently. One has created paper collages that look fragile, thin and in need of helpful care. The other is a quality set of drawings of items from nature in dark pen and simple natural lay out. It was a large exhibition that I forgot to write up.

Attached are some pics and some gallery material.

Botanicals by Design – Point of Difference – Kim Bagot-Hiller @ Australian National Botanical Gardens

The Australian National Botanical Gardens exhibition space focuses on botanical images. Right now it has a focused exhibition on plants drawn by Kim Bagot-Hiller. There are two styles in the images. One style of works are delicate light stroked pale rendered drawing of plants.The other works are striking two tone linocuts with a dominant green colour.

Pics are below with gallery material.

Art in the garden with friends @ Australian National Botanic Gardens

18 March – 17 April 2017

Humans are incorrigibly creative. Botanical artists always amaze me in the creativity they display within self chosen constraints. These artists have a passion for precision. The accuracy and detail that is woven into most of these works never ceases to amaze me.

The creativity comes in with scale, detail,context. and a myriad of styles and techniques.. I have always loved attending these styles of exhibitions and this is an annual one centering around the work of Friends of the Australian National Botanical Gardens. Sadly there are no photographs signs all around so I have only included public advertising display material below.

Planetary Gardening @Photoaccess

3-26 March 2017

Some photography is truly memorable and this show was one such event. These photos celebrate nature in photographs in all its mystery, movement and miniature detail combined with a flair for the visually exciting. there are patterns, excitement and a sense of adventure.  One set uses plants to represent major corporations.

I have included a few of the snaps below for your pleasure.

Wildwood – Sally Mumford @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

The latest exhibition at the Tuggerenong Arts Centre has a wonderful Australian bush feel to all its elements. There are heaps of works that exude bush beauty.

The Australian bush is a tough environment yet Sally Mumford evokes a sense of delicateness in her bush inspired works in the exhibition titled Wildwood at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre. Her work ranges from beautiful tree inspired printed fabrics draped from the ceiling to layouts of beautiful timber related found bush objects and spanning some delicately rendered leaf and more abstract elements of our bush landscape.

Pics below and gallery materials


Natalie Marris – Far flung universe @ Australian National Botanic Gardens

8 Feb – 12 Mar 2016

The Web link below reads: Her third solo exhibition ‘Far-Flung Universe’ celebrates texture, detail and earthy colours. For the mindful observer, the collection reveals the awesome power of unfolding geological time and exquisite moments of accretion and erosion.

She  uses natural ingredients such as bark and lichens combined with plastics and other human contributions. The items are beautiful visually and surprising at closer inspection. Lovely almost amusing takes on our cosmos.

img_20170211_110931 img_20170211_110946 img_20170211_111037 img_20170211_111116 img_20170211_111227 img_20170211_111317 img_20170211_111324 img_20170211_111419 img_20170211_111606

Refocus – Photography Exhibition @ Australian National Botanical Gardens

23 November – 11 December 2016

The Australian National Botanical Gardens has lots of beautiful birds and plants. Photography is a great way to share those beauties. Right now there is a great exhibition of photographs of birds and plants an flowers in the exhibition centre. Modern photography enables the photographer to take the most precise images and work them in ways that highlight the beautiful colours, shapes, contrasts and creative beauty in a way that draws the viewer in.

The beauty of this exhibition is there is lots to buy, Prints, cards and other variously shaped representations of these beautiful photographs can be bought.The exhibition is put on by the friends of the ANBG Photographic Group and the title is refocus.

The gallery sheet is reproduced below.

imag0029 imag0030 imag0031 imag0032