Graeme Base – Other Worlds – Exploring the Universe at Belconnen Arts Centre

Image from Belcoarts website from the book.

Delayed by Covid 19 the exhibition of some work in the creative world of Graeme Base is now open at Belconnen Arts Centre. Base has a legendary forte in the field of visually rich large format highly illustrated books. The books are a global phenomenon and this exhibition focuses mainly on the work called The Worst Band in the Universe. An exhibition of Base’s work would be enormous so the curators of this exhibition use one book to give an insight into his world.

The exhibition takes you through the process of creation. There are thin pencil sketches of fantastic creatures and worlds, there are mocked up pages to envision text and image lay out. There are rich colour images that made it into the final book. There are foreign language versions of the book. This relatively small exhibition shines a bright light on what I see as the genius of Graeme Base and his world.

I love his work and I thoroughly enjoyed this insight into his work. There are QR codes in the space with interviews and other materials. There are events conducted to expand our understanding of this creative man and happily the exhibition is on till Sunday February 6 2022.

Exhibtion link

Graeme Base Website

Summer Pop – Alasdair Macintyre – The Adventures of Aecap @ Murray Art Museum Albury

18 November 2016 – 22 January 2017

This exhibition is a gold one for the summer holidays. It is targeted at the young and has lots of interactive materials in it in which you can climb, draw, make paper figures and have your photo taken against fun bakgrounds. The walls are covered by brilliant primary colour dominant pictures that are matched to sculptures in Perspex boxes that all refer to the creative process and the underlying traditions of story telling. Several of the works are very funny and all display a wonderful sense of colour and its role in creativity.

Pictures and gallery activity sheet below

20161222_114028 20161222_114047 20161222_114119 20161222_114127 20161222_114136 20161222_114149 20161222_114244 20161222_114304 20161222_114350 20161222_114433

Jeannie Baker – Circle @ Canberra Museum and Gallery

25 Nov 2016 – 12 Feb 2017

Jeannie Baker is a star of the picture book world. She has created a series of remarkable books that are build from collage images that weave paper and vegetation to tell wonderful, visually rich stories. The new one is called Circle and it tells the tale of migratory birds. The exhibition at the Canberra Museum and Gallery features all the remarkable three dimensional collage panels that were the base for the books. The gallery includes copies of the whole collection of her books to read and a delightful video of her discussing her work. I am a fan of picture books and have always loved Jeannie Baker’s work

There are some pics from the exhibition below.

dscf6383 dscf6396 dscf6401 dscf6403 dscf6420 dscf6421 dscf6427 dscf6436

Inga Hanover – NostALGIA @ Wodonga Arts Centre

1-23 July 2016
This was the first time I had ever been in the Wodonga Arts Centre. It is a large single space into which Inga Hanover’s art had been installed.
Inga’s work demonstrated an enthusiasm for diverse elements. In this exhibition there were many children’s arts such as the creation of snow flakes through folding and cutting white paper. There is a large children’s cubby house and there a series of ethereal pictures in which objects have been cut our of one image and installed in another. The pictures and gallery material will show the delightful range of arts included in this exhibition of Wodonga artist Inga Hanover’s art



















May Gibbs by gum @ Canberra Museum and Gallery

16 Jul 2016—11 Sep 2016

Mini exhibitions are often truly special. In the glass case gallery at CMAG there is currently a wonderful exhibition on the work of Australian author May Gibbs. The exhibition features physical copies of many of her main books, it has examples of ephemera and products inspired by her work and there is even a copy of a Hebrew translation.

It is great to be reminded of such a special iconic line of literature that enriched my early years and still stands as a fascinating part of Australia’s heritage. The exhibition was developed in collaboration with the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature Inc

Some pics below

20160811_155827 20160811_155836 20160811_155851 20160811_155908 20160811_15591820160811_155800 20160811_155805

Kyoko Imazu – Storytellers @ Megalo Studio and Gallery

2-23 July 2016

Variety is the strength of the exhibitions at the Megalo Studio and Gallery. This one is  emotionally sensitive and almost has some of that tone of Maurice Sendak. It has a fairytale style in its gentle softness. The weaving of children, animals and nature into the frame is whimsical and induces happiness and unease in different pictures.

The other awesome feature of this exhibition is the display of cut page books and sculptures. Using white and off white card Kyoko Imazu has created a fantasy world byt cutting and layering of scenes to tell a story. Some of these are free standing almost maze looking and others are fold out books. The one I found the most engaging was the layered cut out in which one side of the card was brightly coloured to provide a reflected coloured hue to the scene.  Marvelous and intricate and very fascinating to look at over time.

Sample pics and gallery sheets below

20160716_123620 20160716_123650 20160716_123712 20160716_123753 20160716_124109 20160716_124123 20160716_124156 20160716_124249 IMAG0038 IMAG0039 IMAG0040 IMAG0041 IMAG0042 IMAG0043 IMAG0044 IMAG0045 IMAG0046 IMAG0047


What’s in the toybox? @ Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

27 November – 24 December 2015

The Goulburn Regional Art Gallery has a great exhibition right now featuring lots of fascinating creative toys. Within the mix there are gorgeous hand crafted wooden toys like trucks, cars and caravans. There is a remarkable toy box filled with creations of large toys made from pieces of other toys. There are dolls houses and set up scaled rooms. Two mirrored works centre around transparent skate boards and contrast with some spectacular richly coloured creations. The exhibition combines traditional toys, with vibrant creative works. There is a great set of fun works which is what toys and play is all about.

The website and blurb

Below is a selection of pics togive you an idea of the look of the exhibition.

20151217_132537 20151217_132602 20151217_132636 20151217_132834 20151217_133106 20151217_133230 20151217_133459 20151217_133513 20151217_133522 20151217_133602 20151217_133643 20151217_133748


Lynley Dodd – A retrospective @ Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

I am a big fan of children’s picture books. A giant in the field is Lynley Dodd. I read her books to my children and now teaching years 7 and 8 English I take any chance I get to weave picture books into classes. The Dodd books engage students in special ways. The pictures are fun and filled with colour and motion. The stories have rhyme, vital words, lots of animals and noise a plenty. 

This exhibition at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery covers Lynley’s career as it develops and changes.  It is illustrated with original panels from her books over a career. The books are not all there but many have selected panels and accompanying text that builds a narrative of a long life in fun literature for children. I have included a set of pics to give a sense of the exhibition. It was produced by a gallery in Tauranga in New Zealand.

IMAG5339 IMAG5348 IMAG5366 IMAG5371 IMAG5376 IMAG5388 IMAG5393 IMAG5398