Ozquilt Network Inc @ Queanbeyan Arts Centre

The only sad thing about this exhibition was that they did not let me take pictures. This is an exhibition of artistically created quilts in a 30 x 30cm format. The beauty of the creations were spectacular. The variety was superb. The range of subject matter and approaches were charming. One had a red background and using gold thread created a powerfully vivid picture of an Australian farm field in the midst of a drought.
There is a great website where you can go and see lots of samples of these artists beautiful work.
The Ozquilts network web site is at
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Bubble and Squeak – Michelle England, Fran Meatheringham and Dash Kossmann @ M16 Artspace

Collaborations between artists are often exciting. These three artists create varied and interesting work and then the stuff they do together is fascinating.All three artists have great seense of media and colour. The pics below give you a good sense of the range and the vitality of the works. I have included the gallery sheet and other information as well

IMAG3964 IMAG3967 IMAG3971 IMAG3975a IMAG3975b IMAG3979 IMAG3988 IMAG3992 IMAG3994IMAG0017 IMAG0018 IMAG0019a IMAG0019b IMAG0020 IMAG0021