Small Works at Beaver Galleries Deakin

One of the Alex Asch works in the exhibition

I am sad I did not post on this before it closed. Every year Beaver Galleries puts on an exhibition before Christmas titled Small Works. It targets the Christmas gift market I think because all the works are relatively small, transportable and able to be wrapped. The collection of works is chosen from artists represented by Beaver and so has a delightful range or styles, media and prices. Even though my slackness did not get this post up for you to go to the gallery the people at Beaver maintain a great website for you to eyeball their catalogues and contact for enquiries and or purchase.

Elizabeth Newman – Untitled at ANU Drill Hall Gallery

Small work in exhibition in Drill Hall Gallery

The pictured work represents all that I love about Elizabeth Newman’s art. It is small, made of the most basic materials but it points to something beyond her work. Standing in front of it I could not stop myself commenting to a stranger next to me that this would not work well at my place. My walls are manufactured wall sheeting with no texture. Newman turns the work of some tradie from the past into the object of focus indeed a work of beauty. I felt energised as I walked out of this exhibition – mundanity reworked into delightful works of art.

The website says it is on till January 23, Check with the Gallery as pre Covid the gallery usually closed about now and would not open till late February 2022


Review This seems to be the same aSasha Graham wrote in the Canberra Times today 18/12/21 It is hard to find Canberra Times material on the web.

Eve Van Gorsel, Manuel Pfeiffer – Congruent – Incongruent at M16 Artspace

Finishing on Sunday November 21 2021 this exhibition matches two artists cooperating in seeking to illustrate our human wrestling with congruence and incongruence. The artists lay out small works that have the viewer work between images that have some similarities and differences. The impression is that we the viewers have puzzles to work with. It is a beautiful and complex set of creations. Eva works to Congruence and Manuel works on Incongruence.


Johnny Romeo “Colossal Youth” exhibition at Aarwun Gallery Nichols ACT

The gallery space at the Aarwun Gallery at Federation Square in Nichols in the ACT is almost lit up by the remarkable work of Johnny Romeo. A quote from the blurb on the web page for this exhibition will explain what is on show.

“Romeo’s imaginative fusion of sci-fi Surrealism, Cubist abstraction and quirky appropriations of celebrity imagery ruptures our understanding of Pop culture icons and filters them through his distinctive Kitsch Pop lens. Bursting at the seams with vibrant colour explosions, larger-than-life Pop imagery, and gleefully absurdist humour, Colossal Youth is an electrifying dive into the warped Technicolour visions of Australia’s King of Pop. “

If you click on the exhibition sales page below you will see thumbnails of 16 of his works available through Aarwun Gallery. In the gallery they are explosive in their vrbrant colour and semi familiar imagery. The exhibition is on till Sunday December 5.

Gallery Website:

Exhibition page:

Artist’s website

Looking at painting

Carmen Glynn-Braun – Intricasies of Identity

The blurb for this exhibition on the website reads, LOOKING AT PAINTING features artists that push the boundaries of the canvas. It features a mix of emerging, mid-career and established artists who work with painting and experiment with the medium through approaches to collaboration, material, process and installation.The artists explore very different themes and ideas through their artworks, but each has a unique story that starts with the mark-making of paint. Through this exhibition, audiences will see the diversity of the form of expanded painting today, and many of its possibilities.

This exhibition is on till January 23 2021. The website for this exhibition is

Fisher’s Ghost Art Award at Campbelltown Art Centre

Above is a sample of art participating in this year’s Fisher’s Ghost Art Award at the Campbelltown Arts Centre. The award is a wide ranging award with sections from primary and secondary schools through to a collection of adult categories from Contemporary to traditional. While most of the entries are on the wall, there are a group of sculptures in the space.

I love an exhibition like this in that it gives the visitor to the gallery a sense of the diverse range of talents and skill sets that are present in the art community. The dates for this exhibition are Saturday 26 October – Thursday 5 December 2021 – Access to the gallery is via QR code check in and showing of the double vax certificate from Medicare.

Campbelltown Arts Centre websitefor the exhibition is as follows. Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Art Centre,

Transformation – Megalo Members Exhibition 2021

Fenja T Ringl Snow Gum in Spring At Megalo Gallery

One of my favourite galleries in Canberra is the Megalo Gallery. It has small shows of the most remarkable variety of the diverse product of the printer’s art. This one consists of a single work from each of 28 of the artists working connected with the Megalo Studio. The content and complexity of these works are thought provoking,

The show is on till December 11. The studio and gallery website is

TESTAMUR from Canberra Art Workshop at M16 Artspace

Three of the works part of the TESTAMUR exhibition

For three days after lock up Gallery 2 at the M16 Artspace is host to the annual show of the Canberra Art Workshop (CAW). This group is located at the M16 studios and includes a broad range of artist from novices to long term practicioners. There is a big range of styles and quality in this show.

The website for M16 is:

Shoreline – Desmond-Jones household

Shoreline is an exhibition of various styles of art created by four members of the Desmond-Jones household. The four artists cover drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and other art forms. The household has collaborated to create works that explore the intersection between sea and land along the shoreline. This exhibition is only on for this weekend as a new show starts next week

The artists are Michael Desmond, Peter Jones, Bryn Desmond-Jones and Ossian Desmond-Jones.

The website for M16 is

Step into the Limelight at M16 Artspace Griffith

Student creative clothing in Walking in the Limelight

An exhibition I love in Canberra each year is the one that features curated art from Government primary and secondary school students in Canberra. The exhibition this year is a great display of work in a large range of media and styles. There is pottery and photography, there is collage and painting, There are more than three hundred works displayed in all three of the M16 exhibition spaces

This is the last weekend for this exhibition. The website is at