Natalie Marris – Far flung universe @ Australian National Botanic Gardens

8 Feb – 12 Mar 2016

The Web link below reads: Her third solo exhibition ‘Far-Flung Universe’ celebrates texture, detail and earthy colours. For the mindful observer, the collection reveals the awesome power of unfolding geological time and exquisite moments of accretion and erosion.

She  uses natural ingredients such as bark and lichens combined with plastics and other human contributions. The items are beautiful visually and surprising at closer inspection. Lovely almost amusing takes on our cosmos.

img_20170211_110931 img_20170211_110946 img_20170211_111037 img_20170211_111116 img_20170211_111227 img_20170211_111317 img_20170211_111324 img_20170211_111419 img_20170211_111606

Blake Prize 2015 @ Casula Powerhouse

The biggest single art  show I have seen in the last several months is the Blake Prize show at the Casula Powerhouse. The displays cover all the gallery spaces and as a religious ideas prize the content and styles are awesomely wide.

There are a large group of cut out bright outlined cardinals. There is a display that takes mugs from ornamental isolation on shelves to smashed rubble returning to the ground..There are portraits, there are mythical style creations and a delightful pair of spray bottles that  are bigger than I am.

The range and diversity of styles in this exhibition includes a large carcass of meat. There is a great installation that uses hats and flat screens that tie together the celebration of a birthday. I usually only get one visit to these and in this case I wish I could get back. It was an inspiring set of art works.

Below is a set of snaps taken on the phone in the gallery.

20160313_113607 20160313_113650 20160313_113753 20160313_114205 20160313_114214 20160313_114528 20160313_114648 20160313_115240 20160313_115419 20160313_115459 20160313_120227 20160313_120842 20160313_122056


Nocturnes in a lapse – Filippo Rivetti @ Customs House Library Circular Quay

The cosmos is awesomely beautiful, The planet is beautiful beyond description. Light is the heart of good photography. Photorgaphic technology now makes great things possible.The time laps photography of Filippo Rivetti brings the four elements above together to produce stunning photographs. The back lit screens at the Customs House Library Circular Quay are the perfect display method for these master works.
Nearly all the shots have a beautiful earth scene in the foreground and using time laps photography a spectaclular record of lights moving in the cosmos completes the picture. Who would have guessed that there was so much light and so much movement un the night sky. It is not helpful to further describe the pictures – track Rivetti’s work down if you have not seen it – it is awesome.
Below are a sample of these works but to see them in two metre back lit screens is a different world.20150708_110406






Capturing the Cosmos @ the CSIRO Discovery Centre

If you like those spectacular richly coloured space telescope photos from Hubble and the like then the current exhibition at the CSIRO Discovery Centre will be enjoyable. The paintings are a result of collaboration between artists and the staff and imagery of the CSIRO.

When you walk into the gallery space you immediately recognise the colours and the images. The artists are seeking to represent what we have seen since projects like the Hubble telescope began sending back high quality images. Below I have included three images that give you a sense of what is there. I have also listed the artists and th gallery sheet.


Antonio Arjonilla, Sue Cook, Joan Costanzo, Lynn Nicholas, Cheryl Parkins, Elizabeth Parkins, Elizabeth Rogers, Jacquie Rogers, Peggy Spratt, Rosemary von Behrens, Arlene Williams, Capturing the Cosmos, the CSIRO Discovery Centre,