Step into the limelight @ ANU School of Art Gallery

July – Aug 2017

An annual exhibition of art created by students in schools in held under the title √Źnto the Limelight. It was exhibited at the ANU School of Arts Gallery. Each year there is a huge range of skills and creativity in this exhibition. The curators take in a big range of ages and the exhibition includes pottery, painting, photography and fashion. There are some samples below to illustrate the range.

Veils – Karen Lee @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

July 2017

Karen Lee had on exhibition a set of beautiful explorations of her take on the environment of the Blue Mountains and the Nepean River in NSW. As an emerging artist she has created gorgeous works centring on birds and other wildlife in their usual environments. There are some gorgeous flower and plant focused creations.

Sample pics and gallery sheet below

FAUNication @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

Faunication at Tuggerenong Arts Centre was a large exhibition continuing the annual theme of animals in art. The artists took to sculpture using lots of various materials painting and many other media for on wall creations and the overall result was a varitable cornucopia of animal representations. I have included many examples of those on display below.

6cm of Prostrate Cancer – Manuel Pfeiffer @ M16 Artspace

15 June – 2 July 2017

Being in my 60s Prostate Cancer has been a regular part of conversations in my world for at least a decade. With that background Manuel Pfeiffer’s exhibition was a combination of quite confronting images and panels that were funny. The representations of various aspects of this condition were wonderful in their touching engagement with a deadly but regularly slow moving condition.

Pics are below

Frontman – Campbell Chalmers @ Canberra Contemporary Artspace Manuka

22 June – 2 July 2017

Frontman is Campbell Chalmers first solo exhibition. It is a small set of works but includes a range of processes to produce the art. Campbell said at the gallery that his main love is drawing. In this exhibition he uses that skill to create prints using various materials including plastic. Within the exhibition there are multiple types of approaches to producing images on the artwork.

Pics and gallery sheet below.