Step into the Limelight at M16 Artspace Griffith

Student creative clothing in Walking in the Limelight

An exhibition I love in Canberra each year is the one that features curated art from Government primary and secondary school students in Canberra. The exhibition this year is a great display of work in a large range of media and styles. There is pottery and photography, there is collage and painting, There are more than three hundred works displayed in all three of the M16 exhibition spaces

This is the last weekend for this exhibition. The website is at

Julie Blyfield – Panorama @ Bilk Gallery Manuka

24 March – 29 April 2017

Bilk is a centre of excellence for the sale and display of metal jewellery and craft skills. Their exhibitions never include the amateur. Every object is a celebration of high skill and expertise in the crafting of metal into decorative beauty.

Julie Blyfield has on display this month a set of exquisite small objects and jewellery that draw from the natural world. In the hands of Blyfield they weave their often soft origins into the hard metal surfaces in a way that makes them look soft and flexible. See the website below and the great Canberra Times article below for pics and detail

Bilk Web page for this exhibition

Canberra Times review–bilk-gallery-is-beautiful-and-impressive-20170403-gvcbel.html

Bruce Latimer – Etchings @ Beaver Galleries

25 August 11 September 2016

Bruce Latimer creates etchings that explore the presence of humans in the natural environment. The mix is sometimes a bit eerie. but each image is wonderfully engaging through the interwoven nature of environment and other elements in the images.

Below are pis and gallery material.

20160903_103956 20160903_104018 20160903_104031 20160903_104117 20160903_104229 20160903_104334 20160903_104357 IMAG0004 IMAG0005 IMAG0006

From Forest to the Sea – Barbara Dawson and Jo Hollier @ Belconnen Arts Centre

19 Aug – 11 September 2016

The exhibition of the two artists Barbara Dawson and Jo Hollier at the Belconnen Arts Centre is a collaboration between two artists who love nature and have elements of similarity in their practices. The exhibition has an autumnal tone about it through its textures and tones.

The works range from delicate layered paper reations through to fold out books and soft see through fabrics.The pics of this beautiful and the gallery sheet are below.

20160820_112151 20160820_112247 20160820_112259 20160820_112320 20160820_112336 20160820_112424 20160820_112522 20160820_112549 IMAG0009 IMAG0010 IMAG0011 IMAG0012 IMAG0013 IMAG0014

CAPO Auction Exhibition @ Canberra Museum and Gallery

Every year the Canberra Museum and Gallery hosts a big fundraiser for the Canberra Arts Patrons Organisation (CAPO). The displayed art work comes from donations from nearly every significant working artist in the Canberra Region and beyond. It is only on as an exhibition for a weekend or so.

I see lots of exhibitions in the Canberra region so it is always fabulous to walk through this exhibition. Such a big collection of artists in one show is rare. The donated works are chosen by the artists and so they are high quality.

Below are some snaps that barely do justice to the truly gorgeous collection of works that were available to bid on in the auction. – see below

20151107_123233 20151107_123325 20151107_123420 20151107_123816 20151107_124017 20151107_124057 20151107_124111 20151107_124141 20151107_124342 20151107_124523 20151107_124554 20151107_124722

Canopy – John Pratt Drawings and etchings @ Australian National Botanical Gardens

15 July – 30 August 2015
John Pratt has a set of striking paintings and etching on display at the Australian National Botanical Gardens gallery now. The works essentially represent looking up at the canopy of a forest. As you know if you look up the variety is enormous. Pratt’s work has a common look but each of the images is distinctly different. For people looking for paintings to purchase the emages come in tiny versions to quite large paintings.
The blurb on the website reads as follows:
‘Canopy’ is a series of works based on the Mount Ainslie Nature Reserve which are a narration of John Pratt’s engagement with the site which has evolved over a number of years, originally as a coordinator of the local Park Care group – and more recently as a location for drawing and visual investigation.
– See more at: are some pics and a gallery sheet.







John Loane @ Megalo Print Studio and Gallery

There is an industrial griminess to the exhibition of John Loane’s etchings at the Megalo Gallery at present. His work is addressing issues in the art history world and it is explained in an extract on the gallery sheet below and in the longer version on the gallery website.
The works on display have been created in the last two years. They are large, dark and harsh visually but have a strength that is attractive.
Sample pics and gallery sheet below:

A Charmed life – Archie Day and Robin Ezra @ The Milk Factory Gallery Bowral

The flyer for this show at the Milk Factory Gallery says “An exquisite exhibition of etchings and lithographs from printmaking sisters Archie Day and Robin Ezra featuring cats and dogs set in exotic, elaborate and lush interiors.” That says it all. The card below shows some samples (No photographs allowed) and the gallery has a great web page for this.


Radicals, Slayers and Villains @ Ballarat Art Gallery

Dr John Ord Poynton has blessed generations through his donations of art.The exhibition Radicals, Slayers and Villains at the Ballarat Art Gallery is curated from a collection he donated to the Baillieu Library at the University of Melbourne. The thing I love about an exhibition like this is the age of the material and the insight it gives me into the methods, styles and ideas of say the 1500s. Below there are three pics that are taken from the three sections of the show. All were produced in the 1500s. I still am in awe when I stand in front of an art work in great shape that is 500 years old. I have also included some pics of some of the informative wall text that is with the exhibition.
A Radical is embodied in
Heinrich Aldergrever Martin Luther 1540
A Slayer is embodied in
Giovanni Battista Scultori – David Cutting the head off Goliath 1540
A villain is embodied in
Albrecht Durer – A Coat of arms with a skull 1503