Christian Hall – Next @ Craft ACT

26 May – 21 July 2016

A recent exhibition at Craft exhibition featured the extraordinary metal art of Christian Hall. The works included furniture, jjewellery light fittings and other useful objects. The metal is exquisitely cut and designed and draws the eye to empty space and gorgeous geometry. The sample pics and gallery material are below

Icons @ Powerhouse Museum

Icons and iconography is an on going discussion in our society. It is fought over and keeps changing. The Sydney Powerhouse has an exhibition of objects that the curators think will facilitate the discussion of icons around six themes – luxury, celebrity, status, spirituality, value and genius

Under those themes they have included inventions, clothing, furniture, toys and many other categories. The diversity of the choices is delightful to get viewers to think through this issue. There is cultural and historical diversity within the objects. I have included some examples from the exhibition below.

They blew up the hospital I was born In – Dean Cross @ Photoaccess

22 June – 16 July 2017

Some exhibitions make a remarkable point with few objects. Dean Cross memorialised the demolition of the Canberra Hospital with basically four objects – one was a door covered with stickers another another was a collection of steel reinforcing rods and there were an antique set of upholstered chairs. The starkness of the objects drew you into the destruction.

Pics and gallery sheet below

Versailles – Treasures from the Palace @ National Gallery of Australia

This exhibition draws on a world that does not exist in Australia. If you walk through large public buildings in Australia you mainly see understated and sleek. The French Louis era was the opposite – over the top bling encrusted grand scale in everything.

The National Gallery has some disadvantages as an art space but when you bring in grand scale works it comes into its own. There are tapestries that seem to be the size of the house I live in right now. There are rooms in the display that are almost the scale of the palace at Versailles itself.

The choice of objects to come to Australia are varied – ranging from a large fountain and grand scale paintings and tapestries to statues and furniture and crockery. As you would expect there is nothing in the space that is not gorgeously and elaborately designed and decorated. A thing I love about this exhibition is the context of housing these objects inthe NGA which is unfinished concrete and glass brutalism.


Some pics below:

20161231_105557 20161231_110414 20161231_111831 20161231_112155 20161231_112311 20161231_112520 20161231_115910 20161231_120135 20161231_120322 20161231_120520 20161231_111831-copy 20161231_105811-copy 20161231_110535-copy 20161231_110603-copy

College Express 8 @ Belconnen Arts Centre

9 December 2016 15 January 2017

Over 100 works of art chosen for display from the work done in eight northside Canberra Colleges during 2016 have been on display for a month. It is awesome to see the skills and creativity on display and the range of media was fun to behold.

There is abstract and realist, there is functional and fun, there are multi part and recycled works of art. Some students have several works on display and it is helpful that the gallery supplies a sheet with the names and schools of each work on display.

There are lots of works with social comment embedded in them and others are a huge display ofskill and artistry with specific media.

I have included some pics and gallery material below.

20170114_110107 20170114_110259 20170114_110644 20170114_110653 20170114_111244 20170114_111433 20170114_111531 20170114_111633 20170114_111734 20170114_111938 20170114_112050 20170114_112150 20170114_112555 20170114_114331 20170114_114506 20170114_114635 20170114_115042 20170114_115206 20170114_115322

Emerging – Radford College Student Exhibition @ Belconnen Arts Centre

9 November – 4 December 2016

Radford College is a big school and this exhibition reflects a big group of developing artists. The exhibition has a great range from fashion to woodwork, pottery photography and painting. The students demonstrate high levels of skills and creativity. Below is a selection of pics from the different types of creativity that was on display.

20161112_110741 20161112_110854 20161112_111026 20161112_111036 20161112_111140 20161112_111215 20161112_111226 20161112_111237 20161112_111315 20161112_111502.


Graduate Exhibitions 2016 @ ANU School of Art Galleries

Friday night November 26 saw an awesome art event at the ANU. The school opens all its sections to house an exhibition of graduating student’s work. The main gallery has an exhibition that picks a few works from most of the artists and then when you cruise around the school you get to see glass in the glass workshop furniture in the photospace and so on and you get to immerse yourself in a bigger range of art from the students.

The event is so much fun as because the crowds are huge and there is wine, and food as you wander around the spaces. I have put some pics below.  There is a great catalogue available and the prices on the works for sale seem reasonable.

dsc01691 dsc01692 dsc01700 dsc01708 dsc01710 dsc01713 dsc01719 dsc01727 dsc01736 dsc01750 dsc01759 dsc01771 dsc01786 dsc01788