Lines of Sight: Fiding the Sublime in Canberra @ M16 Artspace

17 Aug – 3 Sept 2017

Seven artists have collaborated on this exhibition. The artists are all experienced and respected with varied practice specialisations and approaches to their art. All of the artists haveĀ  woven Canberra into their art.The pictures below give a sense of the range within the exhibition

Body tracing and the soft gaze Rose Mary Faulkner and Catherine Newton @ Belconnen Arts Centre

29 July – 20 August 2017

Glass art is a varied form open to a huge range of expressions of creativity and skill. Rose Mary Faulkner and Catherine Newton have exhibited several styles of glass in their show at Belconnen Arts Centre. Catherine Newton produces brightly coloured blown glass on crafted wood stands. Rose Mary Faulkner has almost sandblasted toned sections of undulating glass. Both artists are skilled and there are examples and gallery materials below.



Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello – Ecology Tradition Art @ Tuggeranong Arts Centre

July/August 2017

Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello has been producing great glass for many years. Her work is inspired by lots of indigenous historical and cultural heritage. She has glass objects inspired by fish traps. Her colours and textures are driven by her understanding of her environment.

The current exhibition at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre has twenty two creations that are beautiful and distinctively touched by the Martiniello style

Below are some pics and and gallery materials.

Emerging Contemporaries @ CraftACT

A recent exhibition at Craft ACT was an explosion of gorgeous creativity and craft skill. All participants are classed as emerging but none of them are inexperienced in bringing to exhibition remarkable works of art. The range of materials used was wonderful and the integration of different materials into the same work was impressive. Sample pictures and gallery materials are included below.

Borrow Tomorrow – Luke Chigwell @ Nishi Gallery

7 April – 7 May 2017

Luke Chigwell exhibited a set of gorgeous works at Nishi in April. They included glass creations and were all abstract explorations of issues Luke is interested in currently.interested. Some samples and the gallery sheet are below.

Changes @ Watson Arts Centre

13-30 July 2017

Steve Roper, Robyn Campbell, Lesley Lebkowicz, Anne Langridge and Georgina Bryant have cooperated with each other to put on an exhibition of paint, pottery, glass and clay at the Watson Arts Centre in July

These creatives show the use of lots of media to express themselves and the room is full of experiment and beauty. There are some examples and a gallery sheet below.