Indigenous Triennial Art Exhibition @ National Gallery of Australia

Till Sept 20th 2017

Plan to take a few hours or several visits if you want to take in this exhibition. The range and complexity of the works on show means it takes lots of time to engage with the abundant creativity.

There were grand explorations of traditional.arts from both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sources. They are joined to huge numbers or works of modern and technological styles of creations.

In the entry way to the NGA is a Rolls Royce painted in tradition art style. In the exhibition is a video of the artist driving that car and that activity brings together lots of remarkable visual traditional elements. The driver turns into a large area of red dust and by driving in various circles at high speed he digs up the red dirt creating patterns and a vast amount of red dust. The beauty and layered elements of the video production and were wonderful.

I will go back as we only had 90 minutes today. The exhibition is hard as it traverses complex territory of history, political comment, layered cultural interaction and many aspects of the underbelly of human society. I have included a few pics below but the only sensible thing to do with this exhibition is to go – it is free.


The Art of the Gija People @ Nancy Sever Gallery

10 May – 4 June 2017

The exhibition schedule at the Nancy Sever Gallery includes a wonderful number of indigenous art shows. In May the art of the GIja People was on display. The selection of works was beautiful and the traditional vibe was everywhere. Sample pics and gallery materials are below.

50-50 @ ANU School of Art Gallery

12 May – 12 June 2017

The ANU has lots of art scattered across all its departments. This exhibition brings together 50 works to celebrate the 50 years since the passing of the referendum to grant indigenous people some basic rights.

The exhibition includes deeply traditional tribal paintings on bark through gorgeous fashion designed fabrics and lots of other styles of layout.and composition. I loved the variety of works selected.  A group of pics are included below.

Beyond the blue: Unbroken – Andre Meeks @ Megalo Print and Studio and Gallery

5-27 May 2017

Megalo puts on lots of exhibitions of the creations of its own members. There is an exhibition of the work of Andre Meeks on display this month and it is nothing short of spectacular. Each of the major prints are richly coloured, vibrantly designed spectacular works. I loved each of these gorgeous things.

I have included some sample works and the gallery materials.

Both Sides of the Fence – Robert Bleyerveen @ Belconnen Arts Centre

11 Mar – 2 March 2017

This exhibition is a reflection of the site of the Belconnen Arts Centre at Emu Bank. The roots of this exhibition is a fence constructed in 1825. Bleyerveen takes this as a starting point to create a series of artistic reflections on relationships between the locals and the arriving and settling Europeans.

Pictures below give a sense of the works.


Stations of the Cross 2017 @ St Marks Theological College Chapel

A great set of fifteen paintings were on exhibition over  ten days at the St Marks Chapel at Barton..Fifteen artists were commissioned to create a new work i response to each of the fourteen stations and a further work was a distinctly Australia indigenous take on the suffering and death of Jesus.

Many of the works are extraordinary in their touching insight. There is one that features a black cross in which the down timber has maybe a hundred nails hammered into it. The frame consists of carved names and dates of well known massacres in the time since Christ has been nailed to the cross. It is a conversation between the cross and human brutality over the last 2000 years.

There is one that reflects the laying Jesus in the tomb. The painting features a sumptuous lounge with an equally sumptuously dressed Church bishop lain stiffly statuesquely on the couch while a family that look refugee like standing behind the couch and the mouths of each member have been painted out of their faces.

Many of the other paintings are just as thought provoking and some samples are below.

Between the desert and the moon @ Murray Arts Museum Albury

An exhibition of Central and Western Desert Artists is on in the ground floor gallery at MAMA. The works drawn from their own collection show a range of approaches within the tradition with diverse use of colour and layout. The pics below are of clustered works to show the range.

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