Wiwa Babbarra @ ANU School of Art

Mid year in the ANU School of Art Foyer Gallery there was an exhibition of creative large scale printed fabrics from the Wiwa Babbarra women’s collective from Arnham land. I only took one snap but the text material below is clear in its explanation of the work of this creative group.

Veils – Karen Lee @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

July 2017

Karen Lee had on exhibition a set of beautiful explorations of her take on the environment of the Blue Mountains and the Nepean River in NSW. As an emerging artist she has created gorgeous works centring on birds and other wildlife in their usual environments. There are some gorgeous flower and plant focused creations.

Sample pics and gallery sheet below

My Country – Ngathu Bubu – Kayannie Denigan @ Tuggeranong Arts Centre

July- August 2017

Occasionally waking into a gallery results in the “Wow” reaction in me.The exhibition of works by Kayannie Denigan brought that reaction out in me.There is the strong link to tradition interwoven with a fabulous of very bright contrast colours with a tasteful combination. The part I love is the use of berry plants and blossoms within the works. The lines, the inclusions and the flat backgrounds combine into items of striking beauty.

Below are some samples of the works on display but they are a pale imitation of the vibrancy on the walls of the gallery

Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello – Ecology Tradition Art @ Tuggeranong Arts Centre

July/August 2017

Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello has been producing great glass for many years. Her work is inspired by lots of indigenous historical and cultural heritage. She has glass objects inspired by fish traps. Her colours and textures are driven by her understanding of her environment.

The current exhibition at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre has twenty two creations that are beautiful and distinctively touched by the Martiniello style

Below are some pics and and gallery materials.

Mill Binna – Leah King Smith and Duncan King Smith @ Photoaccess

22 June – 16 July 2017

The King Smiths have created a remarkable project called Mill Minna which is on at the Huw Davies Gallery at PhotoAccess. It has a collection or images and a set of projections against a set of white baskets.  The images are indigenous inspired and yet have a Gollum/robot aesthetic to them. The movements are fabulous. The tone is haunting and vibrant. The gallery sheets and images below give you the sense of the project but being in the space is remarkable.

Indigenous Triennial Art Exhibition @ National Gallery of Australia

Till Sept 20th 2017

Plan to take a few hours or several visits if you want to take in this exhibition. The range and complexity of the works on show means it takes lots of time to engage with the abundant creativity.

There were grand explorations of traditional.arts from both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sources. They are joined to huge numbers or works of modern and technological styles of creations.

In the entry way to the NGA is a Rolls Royce painted in tradition art style. In the exhibition is a video of the artist driving that car and that activity brings together lots of remarkable visual traditional elements. The driver turns into a large area of red dust and by driving in various circles at high speed he digs up the red dirt creating patterns and a vast amount of red dust. The beauty and layered elements of the video production and were wonderful.

I will go back as we only had 90 minutes today. The exhibition is hard as it traverses complex territory of history, political comment, layered cultural interaction and many aspects of the underbelly of human society. I have included a few pics below but the only sensible thing to do with this exhibition is to go – it is free.


The Art of the Gija People @ Nancy Sever Gallery

10 May – 4 June 2017

The exhibition schedule at the Nancy Sever Gallery includes a wonderful number of indigenous art shows. In May the art of the GIja People was on display. The selection of works was beautiful and the traditional vibe was everywhere. Sample pics and gallery materials are below.