Icons @ Powerhouse Museum

Icons and iconography is an on going discussion in our society. It is fought over and keeps changing. The Sydney Powerhouse has an exhibition of objects that the curators think will facilitate the discussion of icons around six themes – luxury, celebrity, status, spirituality, value and genius

Under those themes they have included inventions, clothing, furniture, toys and many other categories. The diversity of the choices is delightful to get viewers to think through this issue. There is cultural and historical diversity within the objects. I have included some examples from the exhibition below.


Stuart Devlin @ Royal Australian Mint

16 December 2016 – 30 April 2017

All of us still find ourselves occasionally with little metal things in our pockets called coins. Back when these objects were more popular in Australia the gorgeous surface designs were the product of a remarkable artist designer called Stuart Devlin.

There is till the end of April a rich homage to the artistry of Devlin housed in the gallery of the Royal Australian Mint. Celebrating the creativity of a master is always a challenge. The curators have focused on coins, medals, coats of arms and maces but have included table ware and other expressions of his skills.

The main web page is below with some sample pics.


Biography page for Stuart  Devlin


Milingimbi Artists @ Nancy Sever Gallery

20 July – 21 August 2016

Joe Dhamanydji, Raymond Bulambula, Helen Ganalmirriwuy and Margaret Rarru are four senior artist. Their work is on display in a fabulous exhibition at the Nancy Sever Gallery in Kingston. All the works are large and have a traditional indigenous aesthetic about them.

It finishes on the weekend and I have included some snaps and the information rich flyer below.

20160819_164753 20160819_164913 20160819_165014 20160819_165131IMAG0008 IMAG0009 IMAG0010 IMAG0011

Fink and Co (Vale Robbie Foster) @ CraftACT

21 July – 27 Aug 2016

Canberra Art, Craft, Design leader was buried this week. CraftACT has a pop up exhibition in Civic that contains selected items that embody the creative excellence that marked Robbie’s life. Below are some pics and some web links.


20160723_121244 20160723_121315 20160723_121439 20160723_121503 20160723_121535 20160723_121555 IMAG0018 IMAG0019


Top Design 2016 @ Melbourne Museum

As a high school teacher there are some types of exhibitions I find particular delight in. Top Design is one of those. It is a display of work done by VCE students in faculties with a design focus in courses such as fashion, marketing and graphic design. The materials on display include portfolios the visitor can look through and product on display such as mock up models for product and items such as clothing and furniture.

It always impresses me that people of 17 or 18 can create such professional looking work and can produce such high levels of technical expertise. I have included below some pics of clothing, woodwork and branding to show the end results of their work in years 11 and 12.

The web page for the exhibition is


20160705_105811 20160705_105841 20160705_110009 20160705_110231 20160705_110339 20160705_110344 20160705_110921 20160705_110925 20160705_111204 20160705_111213 20160705_111220 20160705_111225

Australian Design Awards 2016 @ Overseas Passenger Terminal – Sydney

A great exhibition in Sydney in May was the display of the award winners of the annual Australian Design competition. The range of materials on display ranged from the very high tech Tesla motor vehicle down to little plastic molds in which you can have vertical garden to green up your apartment. The walk around this exhibition was highly fascinating. Designers are an interesting breed. They all seem to be stimulated by novelty and transformation. I was impressed by appliances,.educational aids for people learning Braille, little constructed nooks for both homes and aircraft. The list is huge but the range was so diverse it kept me wanting more.

Below are some pics of some of the materials on display.

20160528_132058 20160528_133007 20160528_133412 20160528_133631 20160528_133942 20160528_134023 20160528_135857