Transformation – Members Exhibition 2021 at CraftACT

Upholstered storage box with printed fabric at Craft ACT

One of the truly great annual exhibitions in Canberra is the Members Exhibition at Craft ACT. The members submit a piece or two to the exhibition and auction. CraftACT is a local collective of creatives who all seem to aspire to leadership in their various craft disciplines. Some craft skills I do not understand and some I like little but in this show you never see anything that is not worthy of exhibition.

Glass, furniture, fabrics, pottery, sculpture, metal, jewellery and other craft styles abound and demonstrate the creative potential of each approach.Most objects seem to be available for purchase If you have not seen this display it is only on till Tuesday December 14 2021 – It is well worth the visit.

CraftACT website:

Step into the Limelight at M16 Artspace Griffith

Student creative clothing in Walking in the Limelight

An exhibition I love in Canberra each year is the one that features curated art from Government primary and secondary school students in Canberra. The exhibition this year is a great display of work in a large range of media and styles. There is pottery and photography, there is collage and painting, There are more than three hundred works displayed in all three of the M16 exhibition spaces

This is the last weekend for this exhibition. The website is at

The Trevor Kennedy Collection at National Museum of Australia

Royal Worcester Waratah Ceramics

This is an exhibition selected from a large group of artefacts donated by Trevor and Christina Kennedy and their family. Trevor Kennedy began collecting artefacts connected to Australian history while he was living in London in the 1960s. His collection became enormous as his vision sought to fill a gap he saw in collections of Australiana.

This exhibition is a small example of a personal collection of furniture, home wares, domestic objects, and jewellery. The quality of the selected items is great. I look forward to lots of further exhibitions from the collection.

This exhibition will continue till October 10 2021 Opening hours Mon to Sun 9am-5pm Website:

Out of Date – Zoe Brand – Tributary Projects #9 Molonglo Mall Fyshwick

Zoe Brand Artwork

I get a laugh out of some of Zoe’s art. This exhibition did it again. Here is communicative jewellery with metal plates with messages imprinted in them. There are labels repurposed into jewellery. There are intriguing signs and other elements to a thought provoking set of creations. This will finish at the end of this weekend on July 4 2021.

Exhibition ends Sunday July 4. Website;

Lustre – Pearling and Australia @ Australian National Maritime Museum

13 Feb = 13 Aug 2017

A great exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum recently has been one dealing with the pearling industry. It is an appropriate venue for this sort of historical reflection. The gallery is full of great text and fabulous artifacts that cover the range and the history of this industry. I loved the abundance of artifacts made with different levels of artistry from mother of pearl. The object I was most impressed with was the pearly king coat decoratively festooned with buttons of mother of pearl. The Steve Winwood song of the pearly queen rang through my head.

This is a temporary exhibition but is a classy example of the great historical work being done at the ANMM to record and educate us about our maritime and coastal history.

Pics and  web page link below

Escape from Pompei @ Australian National Maritime Museum

Historical blockbusters are things I stand in awe of. I love the curation. I love the presence of ancient objects. I love the maps, the quotes, the carvings and the historical backgrounds of materials I have a vague familiarity with.

The big Pompei exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum was a rich education for me. I have taught this topic to year 7 but this exhibition created a deep new understanding from the brief eight minute recreation of the 24 hours that destroyed Pompei. The curators have woven a story of the historical context, the aftermath and the significance. The details, the objects and layout tell a fascinating story and I was enriched by the visit.

See some of the pics below.

Bro.och @ Bilk Gallery Manuka

Closed  July 15 2017

I pop into Bilk every now and then and it is always exciting. The visit in July encountered Bro.och – a set of exquisitely crafted examples of pin on jewellery. Nothing that goes up at Bilk at Manuka is rough. There is always a focus on precision and thought through detail.

There was a great review in the Canberra Times of this and I have included that link and some poor quality pics. A visit to Bilk is always a treat.

Spiral Gallery CoOp Exhibition @ Queanbeyan Arts Centre

28 February – 18 March 2017

Back in March there was a delightful exhibition at the Queanbeyan Arts Centre Gallery that celebrated 30 years of creativity at the Spiral Gallery. The exhibition displayed a wide range of creative arts and styles that are represented by the pics below. I included the gallery list and the ephemera as well.

Julie Blyfield – Panorama @ Bilk Gallery Manuka

24 March – 29 April 2017

Bilk is a centre of excellence for the sale and display of metal jewellery and craft skills. Their exhibitions never include the amateur. Every object is a celebration of high skill and expertise in the crafting of metal into decorative beauty.

Julie Blyfield has on display this month a set of exquisite small objects and jewellery that draw from the natural world. In the hands of Blyfield they weave their often soft origins into the hard metal surfaces in a way that makes them look soft and flexible. See the website below and the great Canberra Times article below for pics and detail

Bilk Web page for this exhibition

Canberra Times review–bilk-gallery-is-beautiful-and-impressive-20170403-gvcbel.html

Out of the Box @ Belconnen Arts Centre

One of the great features of Belconnen Art Centre over the last year or so has been the Out of the Box displays. Near the coffee counter there are a set of glass cases and the centre staff display works by artists for sale in these cases. The displays some times have a strong focus such as creations out of felt or wood but more often they are a mixed display of artists and artistry.

The display at present has some great jewellery, remarkable glass works, woven plant material and knitted cacti. I have included some pics below but my pics of the price list and artists was blurry

20170114_113827 20170114_113842 20170114_114008 20170114_114018 20170114_114042 20170114_114046 20170114_114055