Thea Katauskas – Green Space @ M16 Artspace

4-21 May 2017

Thea Katauskas – Green Space @ M16 Artspace

Bold and full shadows are the rich Canberra suburban paintings created by Thea Katauskas. The inner suburbs of Canberra have a distinctive look – the trees the housing, the curvey streets all combine to create that unique look.

Below are a sample of her works and the gallery sheet.

Mono and more – Ilona Lasmanis, Robyn McAdam and Steve Tomlin @ Belconnen Arts Centre

6-28 May 2017

In May there were a gorgeous exhibition in Belconnen featuring three artists with diverse styles. Abstract, collage, landscape feature in these works but the technical skills are almost unseen in these phone pics below. The gallery sheet is below.


En El Moment : In the Moment – Painting with Parkinson’s Group @ Belconnen Arts Centre

8-30 April -2017

Collaborations in art are often rich. That fact is demonstrated in a beautiful set of works by the Painting with Parkinson’s Group currently on display at the Belconnen Arts Centre. The bulk of the works are abstract works in watercolour on almost blotting paper type of surfaces. Many of those works are intriguing and point in beautiful ways to various types of landscapes and other subject material.

The collaboration is with the Calligraphers. They have taken a few dozen of the paintings and added apposite quotes to compliment the artwork in gorgeously adapted calligraphy to produce another type of artwork. For these works there is a published book available in the gallery that has each of these works reproduced. It is delightful.

Pics and gallery material is below.

10 Years of Collecting @ ANU Drill Hall Gallery

21 April – 28 May 2017

There is an extraordinary collection of works on display at the Drill Hall Gallery for the next month. It is a curation of works bought into the ANU collection over the last ten years. The dominant style is abstract but the range is fabulous  There are lots of artists represented and they are listed on the gallery sheet attached.

There are sample pics below.

About the Park @ Form Studio and Gallery

Eight artists Di Broomhall, Dianna Budd, Val Gee, Meelan Oh, Sacha Nixon,
Julie Sabur, Kerry Shepherdson and Rosemary von Behrens combined to create a nature focused exhibition at Form Studio and Gallery

The blurb reads: A group of Canberra artists have headed off into the bush to explore the reserves and bush land in and around Canberra.  The eight artists, have produced work from field studies that have culminated in an exhibition and contemporary look at the Canberra Nature Park.

The works range from abstract paintings though to great constructions of discarded pieces of nature woven into sculpture. Pictures below reflect the diversity of takes on the Nature Park.


Elizabeth Cummings – Interior Landscapes @ ANU Drill Hall Gallery

Elizabeth Cummings’ art production has spanned around four decades and the ANU Drill Hall Gallery has pulled together a retrospective or her work with examples drawn from each of those decades. Her major forte is abstract landscapes which tell remarkable stories through colour and shape. Often with knowledge of the area I was struck how strongly she got the area well.

Within the collection there are scattered examples of other styles that demonstrate her wide ranging skills and styles. It is not my favourite style of art but the scale of her production and the richness of the colours and textures gave me an admiration for her work.

Some of the most fascinating elements of the exhibition are a few scattered pottery sculptures. Three dimensional scenes show great skills and creativity.

Sample pictures below

img_20170218_114006 img_20170218_114131 img_20170218_114323 img_20170218_114611 img_20170218_114844 img_20170218_115018 img_20170218_115227 img_20170218_115621 img_20170218_115722

Chan Dissanayake – The Language of Light @ Woodwork Gallery Bungendore

27 November – 7 February 2017

This exhibition featured a set of water colours of attractive scenes both rural and urban.The elements of the paintings I found most attractive were the soft tones and edges used in the images. There is a rural historical vibe about some which contrasts with an almost grimy urban look to others.

Images below

20170107_110148 20170107_110209 20170107_110220 20170107_110240